More thoughts on Namewee’s Negarakuku

I was checking back my thoughts on the Namewee’s [tag]Negarakuku [/tag]post and found that I had such a good time tiu-ing one random blogger who kapster without using his fat brains. BTW, I had shut off the comment board for that post because I get some random fools who like to come and give their 2 sens without thinking or reading or even understand what I was saying.

That post was written by me on July 22 and it is almost a month now. The issue is blown much bigger now. Kids as young as 7 years old are watching the video and laughing at it like some MTV thrash. Teens are using it as their ringtones. We think, yeah, it is fine and funny. But as I said, the section of people who are mentioned in the video may not think it is. So, parents, I urge all of you to explain to your children, regardless of their age about this Negarakuku’s case. Do not make it into a racial issue. Because like I told my sons, we will only end up lose-lose if both parties keep going on about it.

Politicians are now taking advantage of it to gain political mileage. Bloggers, the new voice in Malaysia, are using it to hit back at the Government over their dissatisfactions with everything. Everyone wants to have their say in it. But we forget that the people we meet on the streets, may not voice their anger on blogs. They may keep it seething inside. You probably have no idea what kind of comments we (some of us bloggers who posted about this issue) received. (all deleted of course)

Chinese, in the meantime, are talking loud and clear. Just two nights ago, the people are talking about it in the coffeeshop.

If this goes on, all it needs is just a little provocation and I tell you, it can turn ugly. It is no help that our ‘I am fair, have been fair, will be fair’ leader has no teeth in this issue. For our country’s sake, make a decision and ask all your followers to just shut up. Move on. If you think a punishment is needed, get it done with. If you think it is not necessary, then, tell the rest to shut up. Humans are very easily influenced. You cannot control the 21 millions’ minds. If you cannot control your own SIL and cronies, how are you going to control the 21 millions when they decide that a fist fights are in order?

By now, it is not about [tag]Namewee[/tag], the invidivual. It is much bigger. Parents have the heaviest responsibilities to make sure that their children know they can and cannot say in public because if they touch the wrong button, kaboom. Trust me, I have kids and we talk about current issues all the time. Their ideas are very refreshing but interesting or not, we adults know that we have our unwritten rules when we live in a multi-racial and different religions country like ours. It is not about being fearful, it is about living cohesively.

Thank you, very much. Now, who wants to misquote what I just wrote and get tiu-ed? Try me, I damn sienz.

16 thoughts on “More thoughts on Namewee’s Negarakuku

  1. You say correct.. You say correct. The whole issue is now getting out of hand.

    Sigh.. I also damn sienz… waiting for bell ring to go home..

  2. good thoughts..definitely u need proper parents to guide their children..if u hav fathers n mothers encouraging this kinda rubbish..then automatically children will follow on..

    kudos for tat fellow to churn out that tune..but u n i both know whats happening to our land, but it takes some brave soul to sink it in at time..

  3. yalor…. whole day complain complain complain…. see oso tulan oredi..

    how come you blog like this i oso feel like this wan?? I oso go an blog about this stupid daily complains…

  4. This is NOT an easy task. Much more difficult than sex education.

    First we need to talk about cultures, yes the everyday life stuff. Why our cultures teach us to show manners approaching a stranger.

    Second, time for human rights 101, freedom of speech

    Third, about maturity of thinking. Why some adults act so childish, so blood thirsty.

    Fourth, Nationalism vs humanity. which one come first.

    Believe it or not, 1st world country teaching their children with all the above values inside their school. Even Germany, French, British whack each other once upon a time. But all this common value help Europe create EU.

    It is actually NOT difficult. It is suppose to be part of Malaysia cultures. But…

  5. i think the govt will crucify him to make an example out of him.

    yeah, i do agree… the whole world is talking about it… and i mean it… my friends from other countries are asking.

  6. oh yeah, namewee negarakuku is getting real sour by the minute… and people just love to talk about it, a lot. i must say that the guy really got guts, he launched a national reaction towards the country through the song, and raised awareness in such a massive scale that politicians are trying to shut him down, but made a big ruckus instead and launched him further to his publicity as well as a national hot topic. our leader is really not doing anything, said that they will not forgive him and then what, sueing an online rapper who condemned the country’s untold and underlying cultural problems? we all know these things exists, but we never talked about it. now we do.

  7. My parents dun really look at our government in the right view. There arent much love for the country in them but i do. I love my Siti, Siang and Suben friends. I like to celebrate Raya, Thaipusum, Wesak and Christmas. Where else can you can stand in one spot and as you turn around, one can see a Pakistan mosque, a church, a buddhist temple, a jewish grave and UMNO’s building in the back ground. I am amazed the impact B grade national schools have on me.

    Its all falls back to tolerance and harmony. The Muslim jam up the roads on Friday through illegal parking while the Taoist practitioners conduct open burning without getting arrasted.

    p/s: I can still recite my Mondays ‘ikrar’ by heart

  8. Aiyoo… lIke you also, after so long of posting some people just don’t understand what I’m conveying and gave me whole lot of BS. I don’t think they even read my entry carefully and just BS as if they are so smart and yet some even dare to call me being useless to the nation because I’m not impress with what he’s done to the national anthem. I don’t think with the video anything will change. Please lar… Not that we all don’t know what are the problems that we are facing, even the gov themselves also know but then… It still won’t change a thing of how the gov is operating no matter how much disrespect you show to the national anthem.

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