What a nice long nap…

Enough about politicians and their stupid comments. They are nice fillers when I have nothing to write. But I don’t want to fill my pretty pink blog with so much stupiak stuffs.

Therefore, I am going to just write about my nap. Normally, I go to bed at 3am and sometimes, 5 am. I do not know if I am suffering from some chronic sleeping disorder or what but I remain awake till that hour. Sometimes, when I finally hit the pillow, the azan is heard already.


On Sunday morning, I have a lector’s duty at 7 am. As usual, I have to wake up at 6 am so that my vocal chords are awake by the time when I need to read the Bible. It involves a lot of vocal chords exercise, things I learnt from choir practice. I took a very slow drive from home to church. It takes me only 3 mins if I speed there but I intentionally drive really, really slow so that I can can go…mah,mah,mah,mah, mi,mi,mi,mi,…..or hah, hah, hah (to do,re,mi,fa,so) in the privacy of my car. I cannot do that at home or the neighbour will call the police for moaning too loud or something.

I finished mass about 8.30 am, got home rest a while and got back to church ‘cos I am very messy with my roster and ended up with two duties on the same morning. This time, I had to jaga the overhead projector for the 10 am mass. (Thank God, I don’t screw up and Bart who was playing the organ is nice to signal for me.)

After that two stressful jobs, I came back and wah piang, I fell asleep while MSN with my friends. I tell you, the two things above are damn stressful for me because I am such a newbie. Thank God lectoring also got off quite satisfactory.

So, I took a nap from 2 pm till 6 pm. I haven’t slept that well for a long time. Nice. The rain has made the weather so cold and cosy. Woke up at 6 pm and had wanted to go out for dinner but hubby has some badminton, or is it football? So, I prepared dinner in 45 minutes.

Rushed off to church again for a talk by Martin Jalleh on parenting. What we talked and heard are behind that four walls, ok? Finished at 10.30 pm and again, we wanted to go out for suppering. But the rain came down again. So, I had to mama-king myself. Fry some kick-ass mee tomato. Make a big wok and kids walloped all of them. It is so nice with hot chocolate.

After so many trips to the church, I think I am going to ponteng for one week. Hehehe…nice!

See? I can also write boring, inane, read also feel sleepy post, right? The kind that doesn’t make you any wiser or smarter or dumber. I think I am going to learn to nap more often. I can afford to because I don’t have to work like you guys! Yay!

It is the school holidays and as usual, we are holed up at home because my atm cannot take any leave and my #2 is going for a youth rally on 22-25th August at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. Any Catholic youths between Form One and Form Five wish to join?

I have 31 paid posts to write and going to puke soon.

zzzzZZZZZZZ , yet?

10 thoughts on “What a nice long nap…

  1. Wah…you “sei lei” lor one day go three times to church. Wanted to go for Martin Jalleh’s talk but families are up in Pg to celebrate son’s bday.

  2. Ooo.. I remember Martin Jalleh! I used to be a part of the organising team for Malacca-Johor Youth Rally, where Martin will lead all the leadership talks and all that..

  3. long nap!!!!! hohoho… i wanna take my long nap from
    penang to Phuket because i got 50 sen ticket from them.
    check it out at (sorry, no link unless you want to pay for it? :p )

  4. prometeuz – You serious? Really?

    wuching – Kenot, later I eat sand.

    little ray – We had a lot of laughs at Sami Bulu’s expenses.

    WMD – Turn out not very encouraging, and mostly are ‘old parents’, the kind that no longer need to do parenting duties, mostly grandmas and pa. But we touched on the current errmm..situation and I even get my five min of voice on the issues i blog here. šŸ˜‰

  5. I think this is the first time our slots coincided :o). How come you don’t do the LCD often at the 10am mass? Anyway, good job. Keep up the good work. :o)

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