Malaysian Censorship Board – Why Evan Almighty rated 18PL?

The censorship board gone kuku issit? Why a movie like [tag]Rush Hour 3[/tag] which has :

sequences of action violence, sexual content, nudity and language.

(rated PG-13 in the USA)

is fine for kids here and rated U. But a movie like Evan Almighty is rated 18PL?

I took the kids to the movie today. We wanted to watch movie [tag]Evan Almighty[/tag] but you know what? Someone up there, who thinks they are higher than the Almighty himself made the decision that Evan Almighty is not suitable for those below 18 years old. But just take a look at the shitloads of movies they rated U (or Umum or suitable for all). Do you wonder if they judge a movie based on common sense, i.e. influence of violence, gore and stuffs like that or judge with their self-righteous mode?

In case you do not know what 18PL means :

18SG :For 18+ with non-excessive violent/ horrifying scenes
» 18SX : For 18+ with non-excessive sex scenes
» 18PA : For 18+ with political/ religious/ counter-culture elements
» 18PL : For 18+ with a combination of two or more elements

Damn, I think those people up there should chill. It’s a movie, just a movie. It is not like those under 18 years old are suddenly going to embrace a black man wearing white long john as god himself? Where’s your faith? Where’s your parenting control?

Anyway, thanks for all the comments in the previous post. I woke up at 1 pm, went to the movie at 2 pm and just got back. So, we ended up watching Rush Hour 3 which in my opinion is just another Jackie Chan run of the mill [tag]movie[/tag], refused to admit he is old and not attractive except maybe for his pocket. Yawnnnn….


As usual, movie outings cost me at least RM100 and today, we spent RM200 on meals, some Lego and the movie tickets. And I still don’t get to watch Evan Almighty!

On the way home, the kids were grumbling about not being able to watch Evan Almighty as they had looked forward to it after Bruce Almighty hilarious movie. And my #2 and #3 were discussing about what sucks and what’s cool about the nation. #1 was driving us, btw. Lucky me.

#2 – Malaysia is great for its foods and teh tarik!

#3 – I know, I know, Malaysia is great for its piracy!

Everyone echoes – Yeah! Malaysia Boleh! Let’s go and find Uncle Ho and get Evan Almighty tonight!

So, you see. Don’t you think it is rather moronic to label Evan Almighty with ” religious/ counter-culture elements” when piracy is so rampant? (my previous post about banning the movie Evan Almighty by the certain quarters in [tag]Malaysia[/tag])

Who has watched Evan Almighty? Can tell why this movie get such a rating?

18 thoughts on “Malaysian Censorship Board – Why Evan Almighty rated 18PL?

  1. Let me see moral of the movie :
    Cool, power abuse, mess up, innovative,love, responsibilities ….. Must be 18PL .

  2. Go watch the Rat. Before they 18PL it.

    Because there is violent(yes!), sexual content(kissing), nudity (rats don’t wear cloth) and language(Ratatouille, they can’t spell it )

  3. 5xmom,

    If you haven’t bought the DVD, I’ve downloaded it. DVD quality but the sound is not Dolby Digital yet. Still watchable. If you want, all you need is 1GB pen drive and the movie is yours. Free movie wei. =P

  4. Auntie Lilian….before that they plan to ban this Evan Almighty show and i’m sure you’ve read about it somewhere in the papers.

    Well it’s 18PL because some *ahem* in the Censorship Board finds it insulting in some way or it’s against their religion or what so ever.

    The truth is that show is a comedy.Just watched it just now.

    If Cool, power abuse, mess up, innovative,love, responsibilities makes a movie a 18PL show…it’ll make M’sia a laughing stock.

  5. watched it alreadi…ok wat!… entertain wat….even i put the online link at my blog for those yang tak dapat tengok….i love the most when the ‘GOD’ the last chapter…..hehe

  6. I’ve watched it. Well it sure touches on the religious side that mostly the “Namewee” haters will wanna give their loudest shout on something everyone should be moderate and mature enough to think..

    But you know what, given the “sensitiveness” of these “groups”, it’s inevitable for a 18.

  7. They rate Simpson “U” with uncensored middle pointing and a cartoon kuku inside. I bet they judge the movie by the look without going through it. Maybe they never watched Simpson before and they though it’s just a normal cartoon.

  8. I’ve watched it. And found it hilarious and got more sense than those ‘authority up there who think they are mightier than the Almighty’ There is NOTHING, I repeat, not a single thing wrong with Evan Almighty. At all.

    Rating it as PL? So very the unreasonable!

    One moral from Evan Almighty is: We, human, only believe/turn to God in times of desperate. A lesson suitable for everyone regardless of their beliefs. What is so violent/sexual about that?

    *rolls eyes*

  9. My nephew who is 4 watched the pirated DVD his dad bought in Shanghai. He’s watched it over 20 times (he told me), and he could even quote from the movie!

    “Aunty…you are like Bee Gees and blablabla mighty blablabla…” – aunty here cannot remember lar!

    He enjoyed it thoroughly and was telling me and everyone else who bothers to listen how cool the movie was!

    Talk about censorship!

    This is just so ironic!

  10. we 18-everything here nowadays.
    the movie actually makes more sense than the 11 years moral studies in our education system.

  11. They don’t separate us into guy a side girl a side in the cinema, we have to thank God already. LoL…

    Btw some movie they really cut until I dunno what the movie is about, so I boh huat have to go buy pirated DVD at Batu Ferringhi. Keke…

  12. Bryan – Sei lor, if like that, you later kena potong oso how?

    DLG – Yaya, even lower than PG-13.

    Ms Pinky – LOL, kids have very good memory and they can even mimic the tone.

    clare – It is really ridiculous lor that’s why I rant. There are so many movies about gangster and they can rat-a-tat-tat with machine gun and yet, those are label U.

    cincauhangus – Yalor, like the dressing room scene?

    hao – Yeah, maybe they didn’t see Homer said, “they are worshiping their baloney god’ or something like that. Oh abuden, those are in church, so it is diff.

    freethinker – They wanted to ban this movie in the first place.

    jibon – LOL, I got my ‘link’ already.

    pookyma – Ya, I attached my last post link there.

    matrianklw – Tks, but someone else gave me a ‘link’. Hahaha.

    moo_t – Maybe it is the capitol hill part, too pain-pain.

  13. I’ve watched it.
    ‘Religious’ definitely why.
    ”18PL : For 18+ with a combination of two or more elements”
    I can’t think of the other element though. The movie’s just plain hilarious I don’t see how it’s unhealthy for kids.
    I think the authorities were just concern that such movie could create an agnostic mindset among youngsters and that would only go against country’s ‘Rukun Negara’. Religious issues have always been the most sensitive in our country. I’m not surprise how they could come to such conclusion. Moreover the humour that show puts on ‘GOD’

  14. Mai kiek.. mai kiek… mai kiek… This is Malaysia! No need to get upset over things like that. Solution to such problem is pirated DVD la. Lucky got pirated DVD hor.. if not, than only start to kiek la.

    Sigh! we, the clever ones, can never understand what goes on in the minds of our authorities, the not so clever ones la. Don’t know and don’t care to know anything about such people la.

  15. somehow they lifted the ban on this movie rather than ban it from the ciniamah.
    I duno how come they could rate a comedy movie like this… need some brain x-ray scan liao
    they should of rate the simpsons as 18sx la

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