Birthday presents

How do you buy birthday presents/gifts for your friends? Do you buy something you think they might like or do you just pick something up because you find it nice?

Or do you ask the person what he/she always wanted or wished to have? You wouldn’t want your present/gift to be ended up somewhere in the closet because the person have no use for it.

Let’s say money is not a factor here.What would you do?

*Google’s BD is coming and 2 kuai lans share the same date*

10 thoughts on “Birthday presents

  1. i normally ask. i think quite stupid ba buy something they don need/want/like. if they don’t answer i make a surprise lor. :p

  2. I always like surprises when it comes to birthday presents. I don’t fancy giving angpows and all. so I would say if you really know that person, you will definitely know what to get him/her.

  3. Who are the two kuai lans’ birthdays? Can tell ah?

    Wah…on second look, money not a factor? Then, hor, I will ask lah. But sometimes hor, getting something out of the ordinary is also fun wor

  4. bryan – You lui bin!

    wuching – So, I tell you liao, I want a cake and coffee, you give yet or not?

    terence – LOL. *slaps terence and continue laffing* NO ONE NOTICES!

    giddytiger – Do you notice something? All the men don’t care about surprise element, they want practicality.
    We women want the extra fluff to it. LOL. Actually, this is an experiment post. Hahaha.

    ehon – But if you ask, people also shy to say lah. Haiyor, I also find it so difficult lah. Unless you give me a list and ask me to tick one.

  5. just notice wat the person really like lor…we can know from the way they look at the thing or ke si ask 😉

  6. I’m a practical person, so I usually ask. But if you still would like to surprise someone, you can buy more than 1 gift. 1 for something that s/he needs, the other (more if you wish since money is no objection!) is a surprise gift.

  7. The trouble with me is … I almost always want to get gifts that would be of use to the receiver. Even when it comes to small gifts like Xmas presents. Which is why I dread it, coz I’d be cracking my head up thinking of wat to get! Sigh … won’t ask coz i know if ask, they’d ask for the sky ~LOL~

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