I stabbed myself…..

It was late at night and I felt hungry. So, I told my friend I am going to make myself a bowl of Cintan curry to give me energy to 8poh (chat) through the night as we always do.

I went to the kitchen, got the pot, get the hot water, put in the packet of Cintan curry instant noodle and it was boiling furiously. Then, I decided I want to add some vegetarian ‘egg’ which are balls of soyabean skin. I took them out, while the pot was still boiling and bubbling. You know how easy those instant noodle turn mushy, right?


The stupid vegetarian ‘eggs’ were stuck together as they have been frozen for weeks. I used a very sharp, pointy knife and tried to pry it open. Brainless people do that sometimes. And the fakey eggs were finally pried open but the force of it was too great and I ended up stabbing my own palm.

I quickly threw the two cilaka ‘eggs’ into the boiling pot, wash my blood and grabbed a kitchen towel to press on the wound. Then, I continue cooking but the bleeding was still oozing. So, like what I read in first aid book, I put my left hand higher than my heart and continue stirring the two ‘eggs’.

Finally, the noodle was done. The males in the house were outside in the living room watching Die Hard 4. The volume was rather loud so I didn’t whine that I am cooking noodle with one bloodied palm, you see.

Took the bowl outside. Place it on the table.

And I said, “I stabbed my palm.” (in English)

#2 son replied, “Stooopiddddd.”


#5 echoed at the same time, “Why you so stupid?”

Everyone laughed because of the timing when both said that. That moment, atm had gone to the toilet as the show has finished.

“Cilaka semua.” I replied.

Then, my atm came out from the room while we were still laughing.

“Wait, let me test your father and see.”

So, I told him the same thing. “I stabbed my own palm.”

And he asked, “Cho mik su leh?”
(translated as ” Why do you do it?”)

And #3 son said, “Mom, it’s in the genes. Our responses are all the same. We are family.”

#2 son said, “Normal people will ask you, got pain or not, need plaster or not but we are different, you see.”


Anyway, I finished eaten my Cintan curry noodle with extra blood and my #5 showed me where to find the yellow solution and cotton bud and got me a plaster as well.

So cute tiger stripes plaster hor?Ā  Stupid or not?

17 thoughts on “I stabbed myself…..

  1. geli..i could bearly open my two eyes as i scroll down…doesnt look that bad kua..no need stitches rite?? i imagined the knife all in or some horror movie thing alike..

  2. Cool plaster. šŸ™‚

    Hahahaha, I think those “heartless” word are compressed, you must unzip it šŸ˜‰ Then you will get something like : “Oh, why you so careless and get yourself cut and make us worry. Lucky it is a small wound, next time don’t do it again, we all worry ok.”

  3. Your number 5 very good boy hor… know how to take care of you… show you where to get yellow solution, cotton bud and plaster too! No wonder he is your “sum kon poh pui”….

    Next time dont so stupid la….

  4. little ray – Now my wound blue black liao. So stupid really.

    laucharbor – okok, next time dun stupid liao. :p

    moo_t – Cute hor?

    lotsofcravings – Only a tiny hole lah. I exaggerate oni. Bloggers are liars mah, remember?

    moby – Nochet buy barbie doll plaster. šŸ™‚

    wuching – Hahaha, I no so cruel wan.

    terence – So kesian?

    ahpek – Nah, kiss kiss, faster.

    mommy to chumsy – Ya, we are very easy going with the kids.

  5. Sure your Cintan noodles didn’t get any extra “liao”? *wink*
    Get well soon! You need those hands to work the projector in church you know!

  6. nice plaster…

    mother really bleed for the kids to feed them.

    errr… the cintan got extra “red sauce” or not. šŸ˜›

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