Actually, I didn’t write the last post

It was just a copy and paste job. I copy bulat-bulat from another blogger’s blog. But my birthday is really on the same day as Google. Except that crazy Google changes its birthday every year. I had the same birthday with Google in 2005. But in 2006, Google didn’t celebrate it on the same day.

[ private joke ] So, nah! I told you so, I copied also no one notices wan. Like this, next time when I am lazy to blog, I just plagiarise your post ok?

Anyway, I have been thinking. What do I want for my birthday? And I know what I want now. A Nokia N95! But I have a little problem. I can afford it (if I write shitloads of paid posts) but I am too kiamsiap to buy it. So, how?  ‘Teh’ my atm for it?

(cussing the slow internet line. wtf is wrong, man?)

5 thoughts on “Actually, I didn’t write the last post

  1. Hmm, try to find out more about the batt life before you buy that. I’ve heard it drains pretty fast.

    No need to think-think liao … get SE850 … kekeke!

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