People needs some fluff to stay sane

Sometimes, people tend to take life too seriously. They think too deep. Worry too much.


It is good to do some silly stuffs and buy girlish things. And keep one sane.


Never mind that the frills are only mere RM6.90 – 15%. I feel so happy, oh so happy.

And when I am happy, I sart, sart, sart so many paid posts and whack them within one night. Phew…life is good.

8 thoughts on “People needs some fluff to stay sane

  1. I think most of Malaysian live too seriously especially those stay in the city. Hmm.. yeah… for surviving..

    Face life with a smile !


    Looks like mothball dyed in pink colouring…

    Hehehe.. Don’t worry, sometimes we need to do something crazy to remain sane. Just that don’t do it too often or else ppl call you “chee mah kund” (sticky mother root).


  3. Lilian,

    My phone is the same as yours la. But my phone sot sot one. Cilaka. Always display “Insert Sim” message. Put other ppl’s sim card, no problem. Put my sim card into other ppl’s phone also no problem. Dont know its my phone problem or the sim card. Gua manyak marah oooooo

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