Pink boxer or Picnic Box?

My #2 son has gone to the youth camp in my church.  The big-prawn-head forgot to bring his bath towel and sms me last night.  So, this morning, my hubby dropped it for him

But when I woke up in the morning, I found another text message that says…

Brng pnc boxl

I didn’t bother much about it because I thought he probably had told his father when he went to drop the towel for him.

So, when hubby got home in the evening, I asked him if #2 reminded him to bring anything else.  He said none.    I showed him the text message.

I guessed  :  Maybe he asked to bring pink boxer for him?   But he doesn’t have pink boxer lah.  How wor? I don’t want to phone him ‘cos he may be tied down in the session.

Hubby said :  No!  He meant picnic box!  Ish, why didn’t you bring him the Coleman during the day?  Maybe he needs it for their outings?

I insisted :  No….. sure he forgets to bring his underwears.

Then, my #3 son happened to hear both of us arguing whether it is pink boxer or picnic box.  He just took a look and said, ‘HAIYOR, BRING PENCIL BOX LAH!         WHAT PINK BOXER OR PICNIC BOX.”

And yeah, you guessed right – The youngest kid once again said, “Haiyor, papa and mommy so stupid wan hor?  Pink boxer??!!??  Why you so dumb wan?”

Later, we dropped the pencil case for my #2 and I whispered to him that we thought he wanted us to bring pink boxer or picnic box.  Again, kena piak…. “You two adults got no brain to read sms messages lah.”

Haih..generation gap.  That l placed at the wrong abbreviation was the culprit, ok?  And yes, my hubby does have a pink boxer.  And so do I.  We wear them like shorts at home.  That’s why my mind registered pink boxer.

14 thoughts on “Pink boxer or Picnic Box?

  1. u 2 walk around the house in your boxer shorts? nice & cool hor, ur hubby even better flipping & flopping lidat! hahahaha..*runs*

  2. Lol. Generation gap? I don’t think so. Its the abbreviation la. I’ve never come across pnc boxl to be pencil box. If you say generation gap I ma mati liau. Baru 19 already got generation gap with ur kids. Ur kids pro short form la. Tell him to type in full next time. Or you will bring him pink boxer. Kakaka…

  3. You can tell him .. by that age pencil “boxes” are not cool oredi.. he should use a pencil “pouch”… hmph!

  4. Hey, I’m hooked on your humor and slices of Malaysian life, not to mention the food…I’m an “exiled” Malaysian who lived many years in Singapore and now living in Colorado. Just love your blogs – but they make me homesick too. Thanks!

  5. I enjoy reading your blog a lot, but I notice that your kids call you and hubby “stupid” a lot. Just wondering if you are offended by that. I am a parent myself, and do not allow such language. Just curious …

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