I don’t understand..

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Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin today likened bloggers to karaoke singers who take pleasure in their own singing but have no influence although they claimed to have received millions of hits.

(I will dedicate a post on this later, just you wait….)

I don’t understand……

Why it needs a horrific accident that killed 22 person and even more, before the department concerned will lift their butts from their cosy chairs to do a crackdown?

Then, they are so proud of their ‘catch’. Two days ago, my relative who does housekeeping for me told me that her distant relative’s son had to take huge detour through the small trunk roads because the driver was avoiding the road blocks. Can you imagine how many have ‘escaped’ through this means? How many killer, murderer, reckless driver are out there?

(this is my church’s stained glass window)

I don’t understand…..

How the Catholic church Archbishop can accept the dumb act by the Tamil paper for making fun of Jesus and yet, so many are at the paper’s tail to bite and refused to let go? Do you think I am impressed that our beloved *cough* PM has taken the initiative to suspend the paper? Nope. Because the Archbishop has said ok, so let it be. That picture of Jesus is only used by the Catholic church and if our big boss aka Archbishop said, fine, lets move on, then, lets do it. I had only attended one mass celebrated by the Archbishop and I can tell you, I love his commanding voice! He speaks English like an English. You know what I mean?


I don’t understand…

Why would someone steal the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes from my church? It kind of hurt me because it is like an invasion of our properties. I cannot imagine the feelings of the older parishioners. They turned to Our Lady in their time of trouble, standing or kneeling in the garden, asking Our Lady to intercede and help them. Our Lady of Lourdes is the appearance of Mother Mary in Lourdes (which is in France?). Catholic churches mostly have grotto which is a rock formation and a statue of the Lady. We place high regards for Mary, the Mother of Jesus and we call her Our Mother. I now it is just a statue and yes, we do not pray to statues. But it is the invasion of the privacy of a church’s ground and the theft that involve something that belongs to everyone. (I heard about this from Cathedral of the Holy Spirit‘s bulletin. The format in .pdf and don’t say the font too small, my Vista produced that size, I don’t know how to make it bigger, ok?)

Finally, I really, really don’t understand….

Why rich crooks are allowed to run wild and free? Yet, those poor folks driven to small, petty crimes due to poverty had to be holed up for years because sometimes, they are defendless? How a crook that built a palace with money from only God-knows-where and broke every laws which he is supposed to uphold can be let loose? Oh yeah, this is also the letter zee that refused to face the Sultan when he was summoned and then, cried like a baby asking for forgiveness.

I am not only puzzled. I am angry. I am pissed. But it is the weekend! I am going to shoot some wild animals in the zoo today. Let’s see if I can find any Sumatran Rhino in Taiping. (trip cancelled, no car liao šŸ™Ā  )

If you wish to add flames, please DO NOT quote names.

(woi, ahbeng, lu jaga gua mia blog huh? Kamunting is in Taiping, I don’t want skali from zoo masuk kari lice)

14 thoughts on “I don’t understand..

  1. I also dont understand why you stay up so late at night.

    I also dont understand why I so hensem.

    I also dont understand why you dont choose Simpang Renggam. (Nearer to Melaka mah, when there are visiting days).

    I also dont understand why you dont understand.

  2. For the final one, they key word is TEARS, lots and lots of them…and *poof* you can even get away with murder šŸ˜€

  3. 37 charges withdrawn!!! Can you believe it??

    I think can go into Malaysia Book of Record liao!! Someone please apply it for that happy penis. (5xmom’s translation : happy= ria, penis = zakar, geddit?)

  4. so silly. these bus company directors… just do like they do la..pay your summons by the deadline..then you’ll get off easily and your murderous drivers can go on their serial killing rampage again! Learn from the best la…Malaysia BOLEH!

    and please don’t bother witchhunting me..I’m just a silly bored housewife

  5. we are not like them (; we dont overreact over little modified pictures of jesus, because we all know, what our jesus really is, so pictures that are mere pictures, can never shake us. WAHHAHHAHAA.


  6. lilian, you just summed up all the things we do not understand.

    this is the mystery which we do not understand why it must occur in malaysia everyday.

  7. Honestly, I don’t understand why people inside the Very-long-abbreviation-name group ask for suspension of the paper before they consult anyone. Now this very-long-abbreviation-name group has tainted the name of all the religions “they claims represent” and drag the whole things into political strife, duh!

  8. one of my colleague’s daughter was on one of the bus which was reprimanded last week. she said those stuff reported in the newspaper are not real, the timing and details have been altered a bit.

    wow!! now… that’s news!

  9. I also dont understand la….

    How come a certain Ministry can allow big screw up that will cost RM4.6 billion to save.

    How come we, the pathetic Malaysians always kena to pay for all this screw ups.

    How come each screw up is getting more expensive than the previous one.

    How come that Minister behave like tortoise like that.. keep quiet since the bus terjunam to now Port Klang fiasco.

    How come he send a goat looking man to the lion’s dent (press conference la) to say what he has to say…which by the way, is nothing but crap.

    I also dont understand with all these happening around us, we still want to celebrate Merdeka… What is there to celebrate? Celebrate the shit that we are in? Hmmm…. wahhh… like that, we are in a sorry state liao…

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