To the police station

Do you recognise this big blue building?

(Date and Time (Original): 2007:08:24 14:49:49)

A reporter caught 5xmom there.


At that time, there were 10 Chinadolls in handcuffs and chains being ‘herded’ into the lockup. Quite pity them cos some were in their pajamas and look very lost.


5xmom says….I refuse to comment. Ask my lawyer answer all your questions.

(Date and Time (Original): 2007:08:24 16:29:04)

BTW, can someone tell the big blue building folks that Chinese says that it is bad luck to place three threes facing their main entrance? Those are like three joss-sticks, bad ‘chi’, I tell you.

Want to know what happened? I will tell you on Monday what I did there for almost two hours. ‘Cos I am not supposed to leak out now.

14 thoughts on “To the police station

  1. ohhh shit u were asked to report to the police station? to have your statement recorded?

    shit … they are going to ISA u pondan goblok blogger ….

  2. Lilian…looking from the 2ndphoto..i agak agaklahhh u ada cikit masalah dengan kesalahan lalulintas yea?….and from the 3rd photo…means u tak ade apa apa masalah yg beratlah…cause if so,sure dah tak benarkan ambik gambar punya….and the position of your arm should at the back of your body…I’m guessing onlylah…….anyhow….cheers!..

  3. they mistaken you for one of the lovely chinadolls ?? or u have a kopi lesen?
    Hope there is nothing serious.

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