A miracle

I want to make a longer post but I haven’t got my nerves right yet. When I got time to write properly, I will show you photos of twisted metal.

Well, what happened was, on Saturday morning, my son wrecked the Perdana to almost total loss. It turned turtle twice, landed on its side across a drain, missed two trees and a lampost. He came out without any scratches. No one was injured.

I can only thank God. My instinct as a mother gave me a nagging feeling when I went to bed. I prayed and prayed more than usual. And praise God He has protected my son from a very, very, very serious (and could be fatal) accident. The whole car, top, bottom, sides, bonnet, boot, tyres, every thing are broken and twisted except the driver’s side of the door.

I gotta run. But Terence has seen the photo and he has only one word to explain it : HE IS FARKING LUCKY. (he = my son)

I haven’t got time to phone my sisters yet so I will only post the photos after I told them. It is a very scary picture. We just bought a Persona and now, I am going to Taiping Zoo (blek).

Last night we attended the concert at the Penang Youth Rally. Got time go see the Flickr Album.

Remember to thank God for this miracle for me. I can never thank Him enough.

25 thoughts on “A miracle

  1. I was one of those clowns in the Rally a couple of years back. Haha. Looks pretty much the same, the skits and all that. Nostalgic.. =)

  2. He was blessed and farking lucky.

    The vehicle rolled over (not turned turtle lah) twice and landed on its right side. Missing 2 trees and a lamp post. If the car was to slam into the trees, due to my experience, it would have been a fatal accident. ( will leave the circumstances leading to the accident to Lilian’s next post)

    That celaka Lilian had to call me after the accident at 6:00am!!!! Woi! Do I look like a tow truck operator ar?

    Berhati-hati di jalanraya. Blek!

  3. Hi Auntie Lilian,
    Important thing is he’s fine. I, too a couple of weeks ago involved in an accident. Despite the trauma, I feel blessed to be safe and sound. From what I read in ur entry, it was really a terrible accident. May everything that comes after that be better days ahead. Oh, a new Persona..=)

  4. my gosh! sounds bad. but thank goodness your son is alright! your son is young, and i’m sure he’ll recover from the trauma (if any) relatively quickly! my regards to your family.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your boy’s accident. Like you say, thank God he’s OK. That’s the most important thing… 🙂

  6. OMG!! I just got back from Sarawak, first thing I do check your blog, and I had to hear this terrible news.

    Thanks God he escapes unhurt. Terrifying experience.

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