Accident pics


Let’s make it technical.  First, he lost control of the car after the autopon.  The road is a three lane which turned into two because there’s a little flyover for car to turn right.  A one lane flyover.  Obviously, he was speeding and according to him he was trying to avoid a car, a Proton Wira.  So, he swerved to the left, lost control and went up the kerb.

See how tiny space there is in between the TATA pick-up truck and the trees?  That pick-up truck was parked there all along.  And only God knows how he managed to squeeze in between the pick-up truck and the first tree.  Maybe the Perdana ABS helped a bit.


I guess after he passed through the first tree, the car roll over twice and landed on its right side.  Good thing because there is the lamp post and another tree.  According to him, he held on to the steering wheel all the time.

He crawled through the window on the driver side, got into the drain and came out unscathed!  Totally unscathed.  Not even glass cuts. His spectacles and handphone all not smashed too.  He said he wound down the driver’s side window when he was driving, meaning the glass shattered inside the door.


Well, the drain is not the regular size drain but very wide apart.


This is after the tow truck pulled the car back on its four wheel (or what’s left of them).  Notice the driver’s door is not dented?  It can still be opened.


And that’s the culprit in red shirt.  Not traumatised in any way.  But I dragged him to church this morning for brainwashing and thanksgiving.  Haih….

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  1. whoooaa.. lilian, ur boy is very lucky! thank God he’s fine!

    This is gonna be the most memorable experience to him. Also to remind him from speeding?

  2. lucky kiddo!! I think he’s lucky to have a mum who’s always looking out for him whether physically and even spiritually. Praise The Lord and thank your mum.

  3. WOW! My friend had accident like this too before and he’s not as lucky as your son not hitting the tree, my friend’s car turned don’t know how many time and hit the tree and even hit his other friend’s car too. He was hurt in the event but not to the extend of having to stay in hospital. The whole car totally damaged.

  4. last time my car lost control… and then hit my friend’s car masuk longkang… turned 2-3 times and then hit tree baru stop = = my hand hurt only.. my friend tot me bye bye liao… dun drive too fast when the road is wet/raining…

  5. gonna get demerits liao this fella.

    that car’s gonna sound eek ekk wekk wekk after it comes out of
    the insurance workshop, or you’re gonna get a new one ?

    God bless.

  6. I suspected something to do with car and son when u first posted Balai Polis picture and since #1 just learnt driving. Thank goodness he is all well.

  7. Wah, auntie! You can even describe it in so much action-packed like that…Like Die Hard 4.0 like that…

    Thank God he’s okay ‘coz that can be fatal!

  8. By the way, good thing is that he had his seatbelt on so did my friend if not… Lesson to learn, seatbelts save lives. Also… Proton Perdana is not that milo tin after all. 😛

  9. hey, you do not have to speed to damage your car so much.
    if he had skid marks it shows he actually did try to slow down.

    5 yrs back, I rammed my Proton Wira ( location Jalan Loke Yew) into another Proton. I was doing 80, with a slight drizzle (still remember this like it happened last night).

    The car which was about 200m away, braked. I also stepped on mine, only to hear a sliding sound (sounds like hissing). Pumped my brakes, but nothing happened. All I could do was hold on to the steering and brace for impact. I was skiing (not skidding) at 80kmh towards the car…

    I suspected two things…

    A) someone poured oil there to create accident. – the tow truck arrived within 2 minutes (what a coincidence right ?)

    B) the original Proton brakes, just jammed ( they were many similar stories to brakes jamming ).

    I was lucky to come out with just probably a minor whiplash… the guardian angel was probably watching over me…

  10. The wreck is real bad.

    My boy’s car got crashed last year too. Lucky he was not inside the car. His ex-classmate lost control of his own car and rammed into my son’s parked car.

    His classmate died on the spot. My son’s car is in total wreck and to date, the farkin insurance has yet to pay up.

    Glad your boy is safe. Go easy on him… 😛

  11. Lilian, your boy is very very lucky to be alive. He probably forgot how powerful a Perdana can be, and didn’t realize how easy it is to lose control of such a powerful car. As a young driver, he probably thought it was cool to drive fast. I honestly suggest he be grounded until he fully realizes his own contribution to the accident.

  12. Your boy make accident like some hollywood stunt ah? I think he learn his lesson already lor hor… tohping and golek golek and gotta crawl out into the drain to come out… Should learn..

    So, how much to repair? Make him pay half la…

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