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With all due respect to the Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, I would like to ask the following questions as a mom. What sort of remark is this? Is the Government thinking of formalising only one education system? Is all the racial matters that we adults feel now stem from our education? Or is there some parties that have been harping on the racial issues instead?

(quotes from The Star)

Hisham: Don’t let education system split students

IPOH: An education system that provides for different mediums in schools should not be allowed to split students, Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said.

“We have the national schools, Chinese and Tamil schools, religious schools, private and international schools. Like it or not, this is the reality of our education system today.

“But we cannot allow our education system of various mediums to divide our children,” he said at the national-level Student Leaders Unity and Integration Programme.

As a concerned citizen, I am worried that this is going to be used as an excuse to (you fill in the blanks). And guess who cause all these?

Hishammuddin pointed out that because of the country’s history, rural and urban areas and the divide-and-rule policy of the colonialists, the nation had established schools of different mediums.

Datuk, I may be a dumb housewife who happens to have a blog. But I think we owe it to our British colonisation for our education systems, road systems, hospitals and infrastructures. I was in Taiping yesterday and I remarked how orderly the little town is and that is all due to the British colonisation. So are many other places. I am tired of listening to so many comments (and that include in mosque) about how bad British was.

(I have self-edited many para of my own post. If this doesn’t makes much sense, never mind. I just want to highlight this remarks by the Education Minister.)

On another issue, about the Jesus with beer and cig. matter? Do you know that my fav. Mr. Sammy Blue was somehow or other related. Apparently, we Catholics are cool with the issue and after we get the apology from the paper, we forget it. But Mr Blue’s machais drag it back to flog because I heard that Mr. Blue’s big flop, the company that starts with M, end with A, five alphabets….is having a meeting within this month. The paper that was suspended was the only media that dare to speak up against Mr Blue. Now, they had been silent so that Mr Blue can go on spinning tales and earning the support of the uninformed poor folks. Usual lah, Malaysia bulleh.

3 thoughts on “Education system split students

  1. Medium is NEVER the problem. The problem is within people people that lead the country.

    And now this smart-alecks HTH try to blame it on British? KNNCCB, off course British will no help promote local cultures of various races, because they are not living in this land. But British never extend to suppress various cultures teaching.

    And what people like HTH is doing to Malaysia school system after independent? Divide and conquer, plus suppression.

  2. yeah… dont use our religion to silence that press…

    but then again… why the hell that press put that pic up la?

  3. For the life of me I cannot understand why and how in the world did that dumb thing call H ever made it to be the E. Minister.

    Anyway, for that matter, any minister in the cabinet la. All also a disgrace to the nation. Half the time talk nonsense, the other half of the time, go round telling everyone that they have been misquoted by the press… for what? for talking nonsense la!

    Nonsense is their middle name.. ALL of them!

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