How I pwnd in keywords like sex

It is no secret that this site is hot for things related to sex eventhough what I wrote here has nothing that will make grandma blushed. It is just a clever tactic that I have applied for close to three years. I am not boasting that most of my blogs have some very good position on Google simply because I know how to manipulate the systems and how make use of popular and most searched for keywords.

People who wants Chinese pussy is bound to stumbled upon my blog, hoping for something saucy but it turned out to be nothing but just some flowers. Then, I rule highly for gambar lucah (or porn photo). There is nothing p0rnish here because Google is going to smack my butt if I dare to do that. In fact, Google Adsense have warned me over one of my post with a lighter showing a naked woman. I was forced (yes, as in blackmailed, forced and spied on) to make sure that the post is no longer there or my thousands of dollars will be forfeited. Thank you, Grandma Google. I promise not to show my petticoat next time.

On my old blog at Blogspot, people who are asking, “Why do men grab men’s balls” or “why do women like men’s balls?” are sure to go to my old post about aggressive women. Then, it is legendary that my humble Make$ Money$ blog has remained on first page for several months for make money and how to make money.

That ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fake probloggers dan lain-lain, is the magic of getting the right keywords. Of course, sometimes it take a bit of luck and sometimes, things like keyword phrases suggestion software helps. But are you willing to invest in a website keywords analysis that costs money? Well, if you are not, then, what you can do is to work real hard, study and read every piece there is on the internet about SEO. Or pay up a little money and you know what? You can start analysing everyone’s site and see what secrets are hidden behind their 6 digit income.

How does it work?

Site Content Analyzer 3 is new generation in website analysis software. It parses website on- and offline for keywords, suggests the most relevant and weighty phrases, analyzes link structure, and many more. With it, you can quickly discover the most relevant keywords and keyphrases for each page of your site, learn if the parameters of your site (that is keyword density, keyword weight etc) meet the guidelines of search engines. Moreover, all the info can be represented in a branded, highly-customizable report which you can export to PDF document or send by e-mail.

Note that I am not recommending you jump in and grab the first software available and then, hope to get your site on the first page of search engines. One has to put in a lot of time, hard work and some cunning strategies to achieve that. The software may help you to reduce some of the time you normally needs. At the end of the day, content is king. You can have all the important keywords but what you need most is to have interesting contents that make people come back again and again.

*This is SponsoredReviews but all tips provided by me on my own experiences are real stuffs*

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  1. Good tips, I have reviewed this website analysis software you recommended. It’s a valuable SEO software, It can reducing some of the time i normally needs, also more effectively i think. Thanks Lilian!

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