SPM and PMR tips – SPM & PMR – Soalan bocor tadak, tips ada…

I got this email and I am going to paste it over here ‘cos it is self-explanatory.  Nak cari soalan bocor PMR dan SPM?  Sori lah, tadak.  Nak tips ada, ikut pautan di bawah ni:

Hi aunty Lilian,I read your post entitled 100% SPM exam tips for sale and I agree with you that candidates should not depend on this kind of expensive SPM tips. I was a 2005 SPM straight-As scorers and I got this result by relying on no SPM tips – I didn’t even go to the website selling them.

This year, I search around many forums and blogs to collect all SPM trial papers from different states and post them at Malaysia Students blog — which I own and maintain. So, I hope that aunty Lilian can give us some exposure by blogging about our blog so that SPM candidates can get free tips and trial papers posted at our website. Many SPM candidates do not realize the existence of our blog and what comes up in the search engine for SPM tips is (website edited) which sells so-called 100% actual SPM tips for RM1xx++.

PMR, SPM and STPM Exam Tips 2007
We will update this particular post frequently to include all the latest trial papers available online.

Would you do us a favour? Sorry, we don’t have $128USD to hire you.

Thanks for reading this email and I wish you an early “Happy Birthday!”


Chong- It is a pleasure to help you create a buzz and I am happy to see a proactive group like yours taking this iniative.  I wish you success!  Both my sons are taking the PMR and SPM this year and I will pass the link to them as well.

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  1. aiya….the tips must share 2gether …WHY??? all of u need to sell ur knowledge….so selfish a!!SHARE UR TIPS 2gether can…
    SPM this year…KAMBATEh YO>>>

  2. hayoooooooooooooo 2 days oni 4 pmr…..i wan some tips bout sejarah , maths and bm section d(novel)

  3. Bm keluar persoalan dan Bi keluar Relationship between friends….itu je aku tau… PMR!!!!

  4. leave any tips n important info in my mailbox thx remember to email to me as i desperately need all the tips now!!!please thx

  5. I’ve seen a site selling tips for 600++
    People that actually buy these kinds of things are out of their minds.
    All the best to everyone taking SPM tomorrow.

    BM, Sejarah!!

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