SPM and PMR tips – SPM & PMR – Soalan bocor tadak, tips ada…

I got this email and I am going to paste it over here ‘cos it is self-explanatory.  Nak cari soalan bocor PMR dan SPM?  Sori lah, tadak.  Nak tips ada, ikut pautan di bawah ni:

Hi aunty Lilian,I read your post entitled 100% SPM exam tips for sale and I agree with you that candidates should not depend on this kind of expensive SPM tips. I was a 2005 SPM straight-As scorers and I got this result by relying on no SPM tips – I didn’t even go to the website selling them.

This year, I search around many forums and blogs to collect all SPM trial papers from different states and post them at Malaysia Students blog — which I own and maintain. So, I hope that aunty Lilian can give us some exposure by blogging about our blog so that SPM candidates can get free tips and trial papers posted at our website. Many SPM candidates do not realize the existence of our blog and what comes up in the search engine for SPM tips is (website edited) which sells so-called 100% actual SPM tips for RM1xx++.

PMR, SPM and STPM Exam Tips 2007
We will update this particular post frequently to include all the latest trial papers available online.

Would you do us a favour? Sorry, we don’t have $128USD to hire you.

Thanks for reading this email and I wish you an early “Happy Birthday!”


Chong- It is a pleasure to help you create a buzz and I am happy to see a proactive group like yours taking this iniative.  I wish you success!  Both my sons are taking the PMR and SPM this year and I will pass the link to them as well.

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  1. Not surprise. After so many years, the exam paper has listed almost ALL the question teachers can think of. So the tips is pretty simple, just look at those exam question archives and screen out the recent 3-5 year question.

  2. Ahah, I hope this year no one else will be boasting bout AC’s exam tips again, though the website is still exist.

    The way the Malaysian Student blog share the exam tips is acceptable, as everyone is sharing with each others, so fair play. Just see those students smart enough to dig it out or not.

    As a student, I think the best tips a student can get is from doing pass-year questions, be smart to think how they ask the questions and which topic is commonly asked in the exam.

    Good luck to your sons!

  3. First thing first, thanks you aunty Lilian for linking to Malaysia Students blog — a blog written by Malaysian students for Malaysian students.

    As a former PMR and SPM candidate, I agree with CLF that doing a lot past-year questions is a open secret to do well in these examinations.

    @CLF: I’ve been reading your blog (since it was Rhapsody of CLF) for several times since I discovered it from Clueless Dream. Thanks for sharing SPM Pendidikan Moral form 4 and form 5 syllabuses.

  4. Many students use the tactic of spotting exam questions but patterns can be quite unpredictable.

    My teacher taught me using Bloom’s taxonomy – so I am trained to handle ALL KINDS of questions, however they’re asked, phrased in all sorts of words you can think of. Prior to exam, I strongly agree that candidates should try their hands on past year questions to become familiar with how questions are asked.

    Oh yeah, remember the Umbrella theory which is important in forming definitions. By mastering the theory you can gain a significant bit of marks in your paper. The Golden Rule is to write your answer completely, so examiners will find no chance to penalise you =)

  5. Thanks so much for ur tips and those stuffs…
    But at most i could say is,
    those ppl who rely on soalan bocor or asking for soalan bocor,
    are those who does not do an effort and hoping for the golden apple =X

    i had downloaded all the tips i could and rearranging them and had analyse some of them.
    thanks to those who uploaded the trials and tips so that better way of studying could be done.

  6. help. going to have pmr this year.
    yet having bad result.
    really dont noe what to do?
    but after reading all the comments up there.
    i wanted to ask a question.
    why to get the past year papers?

    ps: i dead

  7. i don’t know laa.. maybe accidentally can get the best expected spm questions for this year..

  8. 2 all SLISS student, especially batch 20, keep smiling on your face….remember-next year, we’re going to pmr soon..wish me gud luck, k! p/s

  9. hello…
    i am scare about my exam….
    my god….
    who can help….
    i must pass alll….
    i must …..
    i can do it…….

  10. if u got a tips please share with me…..thank you a lot….i need chemistry,physic,add maths, mathematics,pendidikan moral,bm,bi and est and sejarah ‘s tips…

  11. man! I guess i need to get back to my studying then. Anyone knows where can i get SPM past year papers for History?

  12. lol. pmr this year.
    doing badly in chinese, bm, n sejarah.
    any tips?even those concerning how to study effectively?

  13. can anybody help me for this year PMR (2008) tips…????
    can somebody kind to give me some tips???

    u can e-mail it for me through my e-mail address:rachellee_36@hotmail.com


  14. plis.. my spm is just around the corner.. so anyone that got “something” hope that you all can share it wif me.. hihihi

  15. i want pmr mathematics tips,bm komsas tips,englis literature tips…

  16. swt i just going to find any soalan bocor zzz does anyone know where can buy it ?? anyone who know pls contact me …. i need bm paper and math paper ….. i can effort to buy it …. pls contact sickcat91@hotmail.com…. mail me ….^^

  17. some people say this year got soalan bocor………….so boring la………..that is impossible!!!!!! why them get this soalan le?…….that is really the question for PMR………if it is really…..i think we no need 2 have PMR again…….
    So…..just study harder la…………!
    wish all the student who will having PMR on next MOnday……..

  18. tips 4 PMR :-
    @ don’t b nervous
    @read only notes
    @pray to GOD
    @minta restu
    @target 7 ‘A’s

    this is mentally tips….Gud LuCK!!!!

  19. pmr is dead easy
    eventhough i didnt get straight a
    but think it logicly
    i dont even study
    cz im not suppose to take that exam
    but for some reason i need to take it
    i cant be bother to do last minute preparation
    there u go
    6a 2 b
    not bad for a person didnt study like me isnt it

  20. haih…can u all please send me the tips of sciense subject spm 2008…
    i realli nid it..urgent…anyway..thx 1st…^^…gud luck every1

  21. watcha,,,!!!i nid spm scince tips…m desperate 4it…uhuhuh…nvm…i ting i juz find another way…xp

  22. HeY WaTs Up
    ItS Me ElIzAbEtH
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    cDs AnD I NeEd HeLp
    On fInDiNd A NeW hAiR
    STraIghTeR?????? lOl I NeEd OnE

  23. hey wats up spm
    mann i em your
    faviort fan lol
    mann i been liking your
    cds lyk for ever:)
    you think you can
    tell dope houes records
    to send me on of your cds
    &&& a athrograph wiff
    one i want when devils strik
    well gots to go:)

    love you carlos coy
    talk to you later:)

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