Whee! I dropped my side sidebars

Come see my blog’s template.  See any difference?  Yes!  No more!

It didn’t work out because my template is too wide for the TM Net background takeover.  The first few day, the javascript won’t work.  Then, I got nuffnang technical staff to help me. Then, it won’t work on IE.   And I pretend I didn’t know about it.  Boss Timothy was on holiday in Australia and I hope no one notices too.  But aiks, the advertiser does.   After that, Arsyan helped me again.

However, only part of the template appears because my template is too wide.  It will only work if I take off one sidebar.  But I am such an egoistic blogger who has to let people know my birthday is coming so  many days etc and therefore, the little monster from iTalk has go to because I cannot reduce to only one sidebar.

Selamat jalan, iTalk.  When I can slim down, we kawan again, ok?

P/S : Saya dalam tahi dalam-dalam (deep shit) sebab saya ada banyak ‘karangan’ kena pass up.  Tolong jangan anjing betina saya satu hari tulis 6-7 posts ok?  Saya kena ada 3 in-between posts.  Dateline, today must pass up.  USD100, saya tak boleh kata tak mau.  This is because I didn’t manage to catch up last few days.

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