When was the last time you go to the zoo?

Ok, change subject. We went to the zoo on Sunday afternoon. This is such a nice pic, isn’t it? Only the two younger ones want to tag along.

The three guys here were looking at the elephant mommy and elephant baby. One of them is breastfeeding! So swheet.


I used my Nikon 18mm-200mm VR lens (that cost RM2.6K just the lens alone) and I can zoom in real close. So, I shot one elephant shitting with the huge, green, grassy shit stuck to the asshole! Uwek, it looks real huge on my PC and I dare not even look at it. But my kids threaten to make it my desktop! Uwekkk!!!! I know it is a waste of money on people like me. I abuse my camera to take elephant shitting.

Now, I got a joke question my 11 years old son asked me :

What did the elephant said to the naked man?

Who can answer that?


Look at that hostile beruk sitting there. And the baby is sucking baby orang utan’s milk. Eh, or is this the chimpanzee? Blek, I can’t tell the difference.


The seladang’s face is so fierce and look at those muscles.


Another beruk with nothing to do but shake balls.

12 thoughts on “When was the last time you go to the zoo?

  1. *takes out 600mm lens* (can buy 10 of your ‘toy’ lah)

    The last time I went to the zoo was last year. The zoo here is not too bad. I find it better than the National Zoo.

    Elephants can talk meh?? Bwahahahaha!!!

  2. Zoo? A long time ago… why go zoo?? If want to see animals. just open the newspaper lor… our ministers are like animals mah and their playground is their official openings or what have they that they are in the newspaper la…

    But I must say the Chimpanzees cute hor…

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