5xmom’s very secret tip on getting that coveted job


Well, this is not something some management guru cooks up. This is my own concoction.

You can toil all you want and get all the permanent head damage (PhD) titles but if you do not have the 30% luck and 40% charm, you probably will not land that cushy job you dream off.

During the recession period in the 80s, jobs were very hard to come by. Supermarkets went bankrupt. Tour companies shut down. (but the lawyers were having a good time as I was a legal clerk then)

However, I landed a job as a Confidential Secretary. I was then a legal clerk who was just sitting for her part-time course in LCCI Certificate in Secretarial Duties (or whatever they call that it). I was 21 years old then.

When I went for the interview, there was a stack of 64 application letters on the HR Manager’s table, 7 short-listed candidates who were holed up in the waiting room along with me for the interview. I was the last candidate. I had no qualifications, no previous work experiences as a secretary and hell, I know nothing about working in a big office like that.

But I got balls…I mean guts… ‘cos I have lots of testosterone…


And I got lucky. The HR Manager brought me to see my future boss after the initial vetting. The Executive Director in charge of Sales and Marketing in South-East Asia biggest power and telecommunication cable company. (the company just featured in The Star business on 27/8/07?)

The interview went like this. Q&A format to simplify things.

1) Why didn’t you study in Form Six?

I did not qualify. I was an A-student in Bahasa Malaysia as you can see in my school results but I messed up during SPM so I cannot go to Form Six. However, I have no problem with Bahasa Malaysia as you can see from the translation (test given earlier).

2) Why didn’t you go to private school?

Sorry, Datuk. I have no money because my father passed away when I was young and my brothers don’t earn much as they worked in Government Dept. So I choose to work right after I finished my exam in order not to burden them.

*Awww..that man’s heart must broken into pieces*

3) This job involved dealing with a lot of money and the last secretary left because of some missing cash.

Datuk, my father was a teacher and we had been brought up with strict principles.

**Aww…I think I was a breath of fresh air after all those bimbos he interviewed. I was then a naive, truthful and very charming but cunning little girl. Ewws….

4) How soon can you start, if say you are given this job?

Actually, I am jobless now. You see, my lawyer boss did not want to pay me overtime and EPF. I had to work till 1 am in the morning. So, my colleague and I left after the dispute. I can start anytime.


I got the job on the spot. I started working on a Saturday, one day after the interview.

But folks, if you don’t have the above ideal percentage of 40% charm and 30% good luck, you may need to hunt far and wide for a good job. However, things are much easier now. You have the internet and sites like Allyhunt to help you cut through a lot steps.

(any sites with cartoon like this has to be a fun place to deal with, right?)

After I swim around Allyhunt’s site, I found out even more stuffs that I think all of us should know. One of them is the ease of applying for a job. (Allyhunt jobseeker section here) No more writing and licking envelope and stamp. It is all done with one ‘APPLY’ button. The best thing is when there is an opening for us, they will nudge you with an email so that you don’t miss any opportunity. You lucky fellas!

(saja insert this photo of bloggers, and to tumpang glamour taukeh nuffnang who also appeared in The Star yesterday. The black shirt guy is my webhost)

Eh, you know what? We bloggers can actually list ourselves under the ‘Freelancer’ section and who knows, someone out there may be looking for bloggers. Nowadays, bloggers have gained so much reputation, soon, every political parties, Government sectors, corporate companies may be scrambling to hire a blogger. Trust me, we have a future as bloggers, you know?

So, what are you waiting for? Go put your CV on the site and who knows, even if you have no intention of leaving your current job, some head hunter may find you and offer you twice the salary of a cushy new job? After all, it is free and you stand a chance to win and iPod and even two tickets to Hongkong. Head over to AllyHunt site now.


Anyone got any job interview stories to share? Did the ladies show some cleavage to get extra mileage? Do you somehow agree with my formula of 40% charm and 30% luck? Hahaha.

7 thoughts on “5xmom’s very secret tip on getting that coveted job

  1. I wondered could I just bluffed instead of studying for a piece of paper that no one asked to see during interviews.:-)

  2. ooo, so straightforward to ur boss, and i think they liked that 😀 must learn that also lor haha instead of lying here and there about what talents what good what i know blah blah… the truth is i don’t know a shiet XD

    p/s: haven’t graduated yet knt go allyhunt yet… lol

  3. Hahahahaa.. I have never attended an interview in my life. All I did was walk in and ask, “Boss! got job here ah?!”

  4. You say is correct. You say is correct.

    But hor, I have experienced some real nasty interviewers. Wahh.. make like they want to employ “char bo kan” (bondmaids la) everything must do, including buying dog food for the price of taugeh! Sudah la…

    Of course I give it back to them in my cocky style la. Tell them to their face that bondmaids are outlawed and it’s against the law to even think of it. However if the price is right, it can be a hush hush deal between the two of us but since the price is nothing near interesting, I am not keen and might just make a police report on harassment! Wahaha… some of them cuak.. some of them laugh.. most of them are keen to employ me.. but I will just tell them I am actually fooling around and that I dont need a job!

    Who wants to work for idiots wor…..

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