Merdeka is coming, what are your feelings?

I know last year we have this meme going around between AhPek, Wingz and I which spread to more people. We actually wrote some pantun in BM and we were excited about it. I even bought a flag and fly it proudly in my home, sticking it at my grill door. Sadly, this year all I see are rantings about the current situation.

(all photos are not related to my post. My kids are darn cute so I post it.)

Another year earlier, I even make an effort to post a bunga raya photo a day. This year? I am happy enough if I don’t make a rant a day. The reason I have less rants is because my hubby took the newspaper to work with him in the morning. So, I don’t want to know what’s going on. (no one can force me to click the online version but if the papers lie there on the floor outside my main door, my neighbor may think I am a messy woman so I gotta pick it up and read)


Yesterday evening, my sons said I must change my image. One suggested I wear hip-hop jeans, one say I should braid my hair into those cornrows plaits, one say I should wear sports shoes. (that’s the result of having only sons, they suddenly found that you being the only woman in the family doesn’t quite fit in) Then, I asked me them, “Should I also go, yo, yo, yo, Negaraku, Negarak……” (ok, self-censored)

Do you see what a big difference a year brought? Where are our excitement? Where is the national pride? What has happened to us? Are we being overly negative?


Can we forget for a minute what we don’t like? Let’s see what we like about our country?

I like
1) Teh Tarik
2) Nasi Lemak
3) No natural disaster
4) Almost perfect weather (haze not our product, Made In Indonesia, not counted)
5) The friendly multi-racial folks

So, what are the things you like about Malaysia?

26 thoughts on “Merdeka is coming, what are your feelings?

  1. See? You asked what we like and 2 morons gave you these answers.

    They can’t even forget for one minute. Lets see what other have to say.

  2. Merdeka is certainly something…

    Nasi Lemak
    DAMN HOT SUN!!!!!
    Bak Kut Teh ( Too bad not everyone can have it)

    You don’t change because people want you to…
    You change because you want to….

  3. i like….

    – can go shopping until late at night.
    – can go eat anything at anytime i like.

  4. Ooh. Your kids are really cute. Handsome too. Dun worry. I’m not some sick pyshco who have some sick interest on kids.

    On the topic of what I love about this country, is just the food, food and food. Of course not forgetting, superb friendly people too. 🙂

  5. Hmmm.. thought provoking..

    What me likes…

    1. Food
    2. Pretty “decent” weather (if we don’t screw up the environment)
    3. Shopping
    4. Entertaining politikus…

    Heheehe.. Happy Merdeka. 😛

  6. Keep those good vibes coming hor?

    Sorry I no time to reply one by one ‘cos arrggh…I busy till wanna faint liao. Rushing against time. So many things, so little time.


    1. Our multilingual ability
    2. Variety of food (and original taste)
    3. Cheap things (compared to overseas)
    4. Rules not so strict, have our own rule =P
    5. Shops open until late night. Melbourne is boring.
    6. Unlimited download (yes, download limit applies in Melbourne)
    7. A lot of sales
    8. Got a lot of holidays

  8. I like the food, the women, mamaking with my mutli racial friends while talking cock and hokkien mee with lard.

    Happy Merdeka!!!!

  9. What I like about Malaysia… hmmmm

    1. 5xmom blogs
    2. Howsy, Desi, Jeffooi,etc blogs.
    3. Friends
    4. Rainy day
    5. Food authentic to Malaysia
    6. midnight road (see, no jam!)
    7. Beautiful stuff … 😉
    8. Pirated VCD/DVD

  10. I love….
    all the religious holidays that we observe, Manglish that all the angmohs cannot understand, the FOOD, being able to speak in different languages (everyone else think this is so cool…and we just take this for granted…so who cares if BM will never be an international defines us as Malaysians and we can kutuk others without them knowing what we just said), and etc., etc. etc…

  11. very excited because merdeka is coming.

    i like :
    1. cheap dvd at pasar malam .
    2. to be a malaysian chinese, because now i know 3 languages and few dialects
    3. penang, because it’s going to be like 2nd kuala lumpur .
    4. asam laksa and all the nice food .

  12. sori ehh…lari tajuk…..wa reli cannot tahan when looking the 3rd photo….hehehe…very cheeky facelah….
    So i have a tip for u…..lilian.
    When ohhh..u feel down or bad mood…just look at that photo…sure all gone wan……

  13. hi lilian. i’ve been reading your blog for sometime now. i find your blog thoroughly fascinating and your sons are undeniably adorable. your posts are both humorous and sarcastic and i enjoy reading your blog. keep up the good work, i’ll be coming back very often. =)


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