Save the Sumatran rhinos for our children’s sake


A few weeks ago, we took the kids to Balik Pulau, which is the less developed part of the Penang island. My hubby pointed out to them the paddy fields and told the kids how he used to catch fighting fishes in those pools of water. It got them very excited and they too wanted to catch fighting fishes. Unfortunately, those fishes are extinct from their natural surroundings. The kids were so disappointed to be robbed off these activities.


As parents, I sometimes feel bad that the children have less chance to know Mother Nature. Though we try to bring them out to the parks, beaches and other natural surroundings to discover the beauty and wonders of our earth , we know some of them are slowly disappearing from planet earth.


For example, do you know that the Sumatran rhino is now the nation’s most endangered animal? I cannot imagine those fat and adorable (albeit very smelly and dangerous) animals being wipe off the face of the earth. What am I going to tell my great-grandchildren? That there was once an animal name rhino which has horn on their nose but unfortunately, great-grandma’s generation had caused them to disappear from earth?

Therefore, I think we should be thankful for all the efforts taken by Honda together with WWF-Malaysia to save the Sumatran rhino. It is a project that will take five years and an estimated budget of RM5 million. Among the awareness campaigns they are doing are the followings which involves the school children.

Upcoming events for Rhino Rescue Project:
• August / September 2007 – Honda Malaysia School Programme to 8 Primary Schools in Klang Valley

• January 2008 – Honda Malaysia School Programme to 4 Primary Schools in Johor Bahru

• March 2008 – Honda Malaysia School Programme to 4 Primary Schools in Penang

So, moms and dads, remember to bring your kids to the zoo to look at the wild animals in captivity. Don’t forget to snap lots of photos and talk to your children about the importance of preserving Mother Nature.


BTW, do you know that my first car was a Honda Civic first generation? Then, I subsequently had another Honda Accord in my stable. Therefore, when I heard that about this Honda project, I immediately join in because where I come from, i.e. Penang, Honda is a household name.

(Photos of rhino and school children courtesy of Honda and WWF. Photo of the two kids are mine, of course.)

Here’s how you can help to save the Sumatran rhino. Visit the Save the Sumatran rhinos site and read how we can play our parts. Please share with your blog readers if you are passionate about the cause.