The faith of a child


We went to church to attend a community day today. The moment our car reached the car park, my kid was excited to “see Mother Mary statue come back or not”. The moment he got down, he ran straight to the grotto, ignoring the ice-cream freezer along the way.

First, he treaded cautiously because the other day when I showed him the photo on The Star, he looked rather downcast because “Mother Mary got stolen”. After he noticed that there is a new statue, he stood there. Then, he knelt down. And he clasped his palms together!


I took these photos because it is not something I coerced him to do. It comes naturally to him. So, I knelt down with him after that and asked him what he wants to say.


Mother Mary, please ask Jesus make everyone happy happy, healthy healthy, safe safe and all the children in the world got mommy. Amen.

Here’s the info from the bulletin of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang.

On 23rd Thursday we found that the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes was missing. It broke the heart of many parishioners. I had calls directly or indirectly from four people willing to replace with a new statue. One of them came with the statue last Saturday (25th Aug.) and left it in my office. Sincere thanks to the donor/s and all those who showed concern about the “statueless-grotto”.
Last Thursday the new statue of Our Lady of Lourdes has been placed in the grotto and blessed during mass celebrated at the grotto. Thank God that our faith is not founded on the clay-statue but in God who in his divine plan of salvation has offered to us the mother of Jesus, the Mother of God who is the mediatrix of all graces. Praise be God!

mediatrix : A woman who is a mediator

There is nothing more endearing than to see a little child having faith that God hears his prayers and grants his wishes. I pray I have faith like his.

6 thoughts on “The faith of a child

  1. That was such a sweet gesture from your son that can’t be pretended.

    Have more babies! We need more future pillars like him!

    ; )

  2. Hie,
    Touching.. am so touched with ur kid,wish i got that kind of faith in the Lord as well.. ah.. let’s have faith like the mustard seed and he will bless us! AMEN!!

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