Thank God for noise blocking earphones

I have this Sony earphone that totally blocked out the noises because it is an ear plug. In case you don’t know, it is damn expensive, RM100+ just for the ear plugs and Sony’s sound from the walkman, my handphone or my Vaio is simply the best. And I thank God for that creation. Hallelujah! I cannot hear that cilaka women tennis players who moan. Hubby is glued to tennis. Niamah, he is glued to badminton, football, tennis and I think the worst of the lot are the ladies tennis players. Arrggh…one can go crazy listening to them struggling to catch the ball. If want to hear so much moaning, I might as well watch some porn. Tiu, talk also can vomit blood. Swallow two balls also no need to moan so much, right?


My son took this pic of me the other day in Cameron Highlands. Talk about Cameron, we only stayed for one day. It was damn nice though cos the weather was really cold due to the rainy season. But we left due to the bunch of tourists.


Since I have nothing else to do, let me babble on. The above is the 2 million dollar home from Terence. It is my birthday’s gift. Thanks! (hint, hint, hint to my 9,999,999 readers)

Which brings me to the topic on buying birthday presents. Do you know how tough it is to buy one, just one birthday present? I had to spend so much time browsing and deciding. Cilaka, I hope my time is worth it.


I also got myself a Nikon SB600 flashgun and now, I can take nice nice pictures in the dark lorrr..

Oh yeah, it is September and in August, I made quite a decent income. Thank God for that. I just bought myself a domain LOL, just for kicks. I dunno wtf I want to do with that domain name but since it is only USD10, what do I care lah.

5 thoughts on “Thank God for noise blocking earphones

  1. talking about birthday present, ya, its so hard to get one. Gosh!! everytime I need to buy one i will search search and search and at the end I will end up buying wrong one. I remember buying one for my GF’s last bday. After all the running up and down, she totally hated what I bought. =(
    Perhaps I am just not good at buying presents.

  2. jibon – Orang kaya disease, this gout. But I know it is very painful hor?

    Lil ms pinky – Jaga anak lah, they are in the playground. Boring like shit.

    Avjit – Yeah, I hate buying presents.

    terence – Woi!

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