The world cannot live without mothers.

During the care of my ill son and after his death, I used to have this fearless outlook about life. I am not afraid of dying nor of illness because once you face the death of your own flesh and blood, everything pales in comparison.

So, I never give much thought to my own mortality. At times, death seems like a good escape when you have set your heart to an afterlife. I had heard and face the deaths and illnesses of many people and to me, it is not like the end of the world because the people left behind still lives.

I know that’s a pretty sick view because I have learnt to care less about my own life. So what if I don’t live till tomorrow? Not like the world is going to end.


But something made me changed my mind today. I realised that I don’t live my life for my own pleasure. Someone that I know changed my views and now, I appreciate my existence more. She is probably around my age, with four kids and one of them did read my blog. (I hope she is reading this.) In a big church, she probably is the only other person whom have four kids, like me.

I haven’t seen her for about a month or two and today, she came with her family. In a wheelchair. I do not know what had happened to her but I know she is sick. I know the face of a person whom had too much medications. I dare not ask her why but I merely held her hand and told her to be strong. I am lost for other things to say because I believe she will understand that I know the fears she had in her and my prayers are for her.

I think the thing I fear most now is not being able to be on my two feet, running around, driving them, preparing their meals, going to movies and all the basic things that I sometimes grumbled doing them. I have never seen my role in this basic sense.


I have always believed that should I go one day, God will take care of my kids for me, whether in the form of a relative or guardian (never step-mother, blek!). But no, there has to be someone around to scream the orders, cleaning up after them, laugh at their jokes, bitch along and just acting stupid. All these simple things in life that only I can provide.

For all these roles, Lord Jesus, I pray that You will shelter us mothers. Please make M’s mom and all the other mothers who are ill, strong again because they have a big role to play in Your plans. The world cannot live without mothers.

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  1. I am constantly reminded of how fragile a human life can be. Up to a point that it confuses me sometimes. What is the most important thing in life that we should aim for? Money? Family? Popularity? Power? Enjoyment?

    Sorry for commenting “out of topic”. I hope she feels better and everyone around her remains strong.

  2. Isn’t it strange that we only learn to appreciate someone when they are sick, dying or dead.

    Only when I was stayed away from home for the first time when I was in my university days did I realize how much I miss my mom.

    Anyway, I did remember one time when my mom got sick and she was sleeping in her bed, I asked her if she needed me to help cook. I was only 7 at that time. I felt helpless and tried to do all the stuff my mom did to comfort me when I was sick. I even asked how to boil water so that I can make her the Chinese herbal tea. My mom turned me and my lil’ sis away and we just sat outside the room being very quiet for the rest of the day until my dad got home.

    Pray and hope that your church member will get well soon.

  3. Yes, I just thought about it today. And silly me, I cried over it thinking about it.. I am not a mother but I fear when the day comes that my mother will be gone forever.

    I pray that she will have many many many more decades to go along with a happy and healthy life which she truly deserves…as my brothers and I always need her no matter how old we will be..

    I pray that all mothers lead a healthy and long life..the world really needs mothers.

  4. ginger – I am glad this post touched your heart.

    angie – Wuah, the picture of you at 7 years old really touching ler.

    erina – Yeah lor, it is very sad to see a person who is always busy with her kids suddenly sick.

    tenthofmarch – I think at the core of it all, it is love. Just love. (and I mean the pure kind, like God’s love)

  5. Yes, I am certainly very KIASI but only for the sake of my children especially now that they are still so young. When I was diagnosed with epilepsy I cried and cried thinking about who will take care of them if I am gone. We must all take care of ourselves for their sake. Cheers to all mothers. Hey! Is it mothers day or what? Hehe.

  6. Moses – From T-Cafe’s wall in Cameron Highland. It is a photo of a wall decoration. Beautiful ya?

    To all the rest – Sorry I didn’t get around to respond to all the comments because I totally agree and have nothing further to add.

  7. “From T-Cafe’s wall in Cameron Highland. It is a photo of a wall decoration. Beautiful ya?”

    Hahaha…icic, well that’s my family business, my dad actually, does this wall decoration for christians.
    good to see it going around.

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