National Service – Someone answer me, what is the Government doing?

Actually, I posted this on my parenting blog but as I write, I got more pissed with the Government. I am sick of looking at those smiling faces and our PM, DPM and Ministers fooling us with ideals like National Service is to build racial harmony amongst the races, instil patriotic feelings and etc. One after another NS trainee has died while at camp. What is the Government doing? My advice – Don’t attempt something unless you have the capability. All those deaths showed that something is very wrong here.

**below is the post from Mom’s Daily**

I do not like to be the selfish, over protective mother and only think of my own brood’s wellbeing. I want my sons to grow up being tough and patriotic as well. They are all scouts and they have their usual camping and stuffs like that.

Yet, when my eldest was approaching the age to be listed into the NS, I have that nagging feelings that he may not be that safe there. He used to be an asthmatic child and at one point, I had the crazy idea of bugging my good and reliable Christian friend cum my kids’ doctor to give me a letter so that my kid doesn’t need to attend NS. It is a very selfish thought, I know. But knowing how my son can fall ill over no reasons and that he always need a doctor and a hospital stay to get well, I think my selfishness is justified. The last time he fell ill, he had to go for tonsillectomy because the ENT surgeon said his air passage can get blocked if not treated well.

KUANTAN: A national service trainee at the Cheneh Cemerlang camp in Kemaman died on the way to the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital here on Saturday night.

Mohd Rafi Ameer, 18, died at 10.30pm after having fever since last week, his sister Jubaidah said. (source)

So, when I read of yet another NS trainee who died while at the National Service camp, I just want to tell the people who manage this ‘You sucks!’ I am angry as a parent. How could you let our children who are ill rot there in agony? What’s your camp facilitators doing? Do you think this a boot camp? Are these facilitators having the master/slave mentality?

Government of Malaysia, buck up, take care of our children. We do not send our kids to die at camp, for God’s sake! And yeah, thank God my son was not listed to attend the National Service this year. And yeah, my personal site pwned in NS.

To the family of Mohd Rafi Ameer , my tears are with you. May we all have more vigour and courage to speak up for the lousy things that are going on, no thanks to our Government.


Bloggers, use the voice bestowed on you to make a stand. Don’t just stay under your little safe tempurung and keep writing about your own cosy life. Let’s come together and make our voices heard. Oh yeah, I haven’t even go to the topic about the little baby that has her arm amputated. Remember I am an expert in the care of premature baby and even got my e-book for parents? I can tell you, those buggers who are doctors and nurses were negligent, that’s all I can say.

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  1. I agree with you.. No way my future son and daughter will go anywhere near to this program.. I will send them to overseas when they’re old enough.. I will not send my kids for suicide..

    As for the Govt, you people owe us an answer for that.. Everytime when this things happened, you people will put up press release saying you all will put up a team to investigate.. But always no further answer to that.. So what is the point of this? Just to show people that you all are caring? I think you all are sacrificing people’s life for this program.. If you people are not up to it, then don’t do it!!! We’re not lab rats…

    My deepest condolences to the family members of Mohd Rafi Ameer..

  2. Fever for ONE whole week!!!!! And only then sent for medical examinations but died on the way????!!!! NS?? Any minister’s children ‘chosen’ for NS????

    As for the premature baby, the doctor was too lazy and gave instructions thru the phone to an inexperience medical staff which caused the arm to be infected. Sorry no cure lah. An arm for an arm. And make sure he doesn’t practice medicine ever again.

  3. when one man dies it is a tragedy, when thousands die it’s statistics — Stalin

    If you caught in between, you are in deep sh*t. — moo_t 😉

    Call it sadistic, I wish more incidents will become statistic, the sooner the better. Otherwise, ignorance parent and youngster won’t realise what kind of monster they have create.

  4. More tears? Mr Lee? I know how you feel, but this NS thing won’t work. Not the way it’s implemented. Not when those in charge aren’t fully commited to be humans first and trainers next. Not when there aren’t enough medics around. Not when nobody cares enough…..

  5. News like these always scare the daylight out of me as I have only 1 child. I cannot imagine if I have to collect her body from the mortuary and go thru the funeral. I don’t think I can.

    It is not that I live for my child but to have my child rob from me due to some law that is forced upon me to obey and there is no accountability of negligent is unforgivable. I know that for me, life will end there and I will not hesitate to pull the trigger on that asshole who force such law down my throat! I didnt bring my child into this world to be wasted just like that. NO…

    Yes, Lilian, you are right, the government sucks big time and I am seriously doubting if we can do anything about it.

  6. government are really sucks!! dunno what are they doing…. everytime talk talk talk only… no action taken…
    for sure I won’t let my kids attend NS if choosen, i will do whatever for stopping them to attend NS… i’m not only kiasumum but also kiasimum…

  7. To show Malaysian are strong, NS is the only way for them. But they never think of how NS is going to work, that’s sad and suck! Lucky I got away when NS was announced.

    All I can say is, NS is just another corruption place gov work out. Just look at newspaper and you can find more cases (Not about death) too. I still don’t understand what is the use of NS. Exercise? Body building? Tough? By picking rubbish on towns? Learn how to use gun to? So we don’t need too much army? I see there are more and more army team wei…

    Delight me please?

  8. wong – Ya, they didn’t have the basic manpower and yet wanna go big. Can call tender a lot a lot mah….You know lor.

    kiasumum – Yaya, we must learn to be more vocal and put some heat on them politicians. We have been too much of a yes man.

    laucharbor – Damn scary hor? It is like sending our kids to prison like that. Maybe even worse.

    LC_Teh – Yeah, I am terribly disappointed with Mr. Lee. I used to have a crush on him when he left DAP that time. I remembered watching him making the announcement. It was such a heroic act to stand on his own. But then, one Mr. Lee cannot change the whole blardy system.

    moo_t – Yeah, I know what you mean. I wish the public will come down harder on the Government.

    terence – If that happens to my own kid, it is more than an arm for an arm. It is their balls I will take personally. And you know I always mean what I say hor?

    mcmerc – Yayaya, exactly! Set up some highty-mighty commission and inquiry what shit and then, no outcome. Then, sit back and wait for the next case to happen, spend more tax payers money and set up consultants, bla bla and then, nothing happen again.

  9. “However, if there are weaknesses on our part, we will take appropriate measures to correct the situation,”

    Sounds like a guineapig experiment camp for torture. Those fuckers think the students are incredible hulks and I think they are experimenting with different strength of torturing parameters….

    How many more lifes does the gov need to experiment to find out all the weaknesses within the NS?

  10. Just to show us that they’re using the People’s Money for a good cause?

    I’ve heard from a friend of mine of some secrets behind the NS. There’s a glitch, you can actually escape National service if you have a course to do in a University/college. Register for a course for a few hundred, and you can be free of NS for the rest of the course duration, say, 2 years?

    Who knows after 2 years if the NS still exists?

    There are sure lots of other hidden secrets behind the camp. Please share if you have one.

  11. they don’t even have to go to war to die…

    guess there are not enough of planning and preparation… all are done hastily without looking into the details… all focuses on how to squeeze more ringgit out of this project only… lol…

    but hey, even the main objective of war is not to die for your country! but to make the other bastard die for his… discovered this quotation few days ago…

  12. “Bloggers, use the voice bestowed on you to make a stand. Don’t just stay under your little safe tempurung and keep writing about your own cosy life. Let’s come together and make our voices heard”

    I couldnt agree more… anyone out there reading this????????

  13. all of you should have realize such things will happen when the program was announced … now there’s no turning back simply because the business of providing uniforms and other accesories are too “lucrative” dude …

    if you think the govn is providing the prog because of the noble intention in creating unity, you are amongst the naive group of people out there …

    it’s better to be selfish than to lose your kid(s) … can you imagine what will happen when the minister insists on giving “full-blown” M-16 machine-gun training to everyone? if you’ve singaporean friend, you can ask what was the stake (lifes lost) at their initial stage …

    God bless everyone …


  14. Actually, I want to ask hor, how do we make our opinion known to those fat idiots who call themselves ministers? How do we go about making a stand on what we want and dont want without creating a riot? As it is, we are already labeled with all sorts of names by that thing call Minister of Information.

    From the start, I have always disagreed with this NS nonsense. Mind you, these people who implement this NS nonsense are suppose to impart to the younger generation all sorts of noble attributes but year after year, we all sit and watch the chaotic scene that spells not only no coordination and forward thinking but simply NO BRAIN! So, what do you think these NS implementors can contribute to the young ones?

    Some more ask me to let my 1 and only child go and maybe might come back in a box! How can??? Must stop!!

  15. Stocktube is right la. It’s too lucrative to stop. Even “Project Runway-Malaysia” had their designers design new NS outfits… which looked incredibly ridiculous.. but the NS officer ok with some wor…. sigh! Oh well.. G.E! G.E! G.E! Let’s see some changes…let’s make some voices heard!

  16. i never had a chance to go NS. and i never want my sister or my children to go there alive and comeback Ginie Piggy in a box!!!!

    Bolehland!!! always love doing Ginie piggy stuff!!! Can the Bolehland top Bolehlanders do something more practical??? and stop doing those MSI (multi-sources of income) thingy??(u know what i mean ya)

    Well, i believe tax payers don’t pay taxes for their children to be ‘d Ginie Piggies’ rite??

  17. You know why a lot of NS died ? This is what i have heard from my sister in law who came back few months ago.

    1) If you are sick , you will be going to ask to leave immediately from the NS camp by camp doctor where the NS will be going to miss out the whole current semester .Well , this is not an excuse for holidays but the NS have to come back again for the next semester ….You are right , have to start all over again !!

    2) The medicine is not good enough…The water is polluted with billions of virus. Therefore , most of them kept coughing until lungs worn out !!

    3) ghost sightings at camp keep the NS sleepless for everynite

    4) Everyday eat curry until lousy !

    good luck for the new NS !!

  18. Seriously i m sick to hear and see this nowadays.. its getting worse.. and actually I am one of the candidates for national service during year 2005 which is Series 2 batch 1.
    I’ve got no complaints during my time.. everything was good and we enjoy it very much and even wanting it more.. from 3 months to 6 months we wish. When we are sick as usual we get the sick leave without any problem and plenty of medications. Well thats for my camp. No idea why its getting worse now… its really sad to hear its going down to the drain as we experienced a really good one.

  19. are there anyways to escape? I don’t want to leave my mom for 3 months! I won’t be able to stand it. And i want to continue my education asap.

  20. Lets stop this stupid national service!
    its a waste of government funds…
    we don’t want any more news of rapes and deaths in this concentration camps..
    You think National service does any good to our kids…perhaps for that 3 months period, they get toughen up?
    and can you imagine the anxieties on the faces of parents whose kids are camped…scary huh?
    Malaysia Boleh!…this slogan is for the ‘imaginary mind-set of idoits’
    we do not want this forced camp.
    go do a survey, if 45% of parents agrees YES to National Service..go ahead!
    You be knocked out of your brains when you see the results!
    NO WAY! will be written on every faces of parents.
    so get this out of the system!…NOW!

    so abolish it right now!

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