Kampungness is hard to remove

You can take the folks away from the kampung but you cannot remove the kampung away from the folks.


I love Cameron Highlands because of the cold weather. Normally we stay at the Hotel Equatorial one-room apartment suite because they have sofa bed in the living room and a bedroom. Just nice to fit all of us. We get lovely view like this from our balcony and in the morning, breathtaking sunrise. Heh, except that I rise at 10 am when the sunlight is on my butt.

There is a playground just next to our apartment suite. So, kids went down to play.


When I got there I terus, “Cilaka, siao or what? Niamah.”

Pukimak wan, how can…..I paid close to RM400 per night and some bugger who thinks they own the whole property has to spoil it all.


They dry their clothes on the monkey bars. KNN. Too bad my two older kids didn’t come along with us to the playground. Otherwise, I will turn away and pretend I didn’t see how those clothes dropped on the ground and got accidentally stepped on. Or maybe my little one shee-shee on it accidentally?

I mean, where is their mind? This is one of the more luxurious hotel and they allowed some kampungness to spoil it. BTW, those clothes belong to a Chinese family consisting of a couple, a small kid and a grandma. Blardy fools just selamba walked by and couldn’t be bothered that my kids couldn’t use 50% of the playground because of their pasar malam baju hanging there.

Niamah, if I stayed there one more night, sure I go rub shit on those clothes, especially the guy’s. No ak, I bocor so I can rub more than shit.

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18 thoughts on “Kampungness is hard to remove

  1. cameron highlands oso still considered kampung wat. of course la those kampung folks felt right at home (n hang their cheopo baju everywhere) !

  2. Lucky got no big granny panties with worn out garter top and some holes or worn out bras with sotong straps!! Hahaha…

    Lucky it is not me! If it was me, i would have taken all the clothing down and chuck it into the dustbin! No need to be nice and polite one. And if the fella come and make char luan… I tell the fella off.. “You think this is your house ah? This is hotel! This is playground! You want to wash clothing, go get laundry service from the hotel. Suah Koo!”

  3. lol!!!!

    u take the person out of the kampung, but u can’t take the kampungness out of the person, be they be educated in Universiti Masyarakat or Oxford.

    it’s all in the upbringing.

    anyway, i’ve heard horror stories about our rich middle-eastern visitors who trash the hotel rooms here when they come for a visit.

  4. i think i stayed there before! and went to that playground before too. i think it must be the one of the occupants there… not the locals there..

    perhaps some holidayers from the city like KL!!!~~???

  5. AngieT.. yeah.. the rich middle eastern guests are hoteliers nightmare!!

    i even heard some had to refurbished the room after one of their stays!!! can you imagine that? refurbish…

  6. What to do? I think this is part of Malaysian culture. I thought we should be quite used to it. Just look at the balcony for Most of the expensive condo in Penang…. is the same isn’t it? hahaha……

    Anyway, it is irritating. So…. thanks for voicing this out. The best is this post can appear in the newspaper and make them notice because I doubt these folks know anything about blog. hehe….

    BTW, long time not here. You are still very “geng”. haha….

  7. so bad kan? i also got a kampungness story from my experience in the hospitality industry before. i thought wanna blog about it too when i have the time hehe…

  8. selfish people.. if me, i’ll dump all their clothes on one side (on bench or soemthing).. after all its is for public usage & not meant to dry ur clothes!

  9. you’ll never know that only rich people do that. that’s why they are filthy rich for they know how to save every sen. laundry only cost the most 5 rinngit but why spend that much when you can get water and hands to scrub. inconsiderate, yes. stupid,no. selfish, yes. two years living in cameron, kind of masak with orang kaya punya perangai. they think they got lot of money but actually they are very poor of common sense. i pity them!

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