Niamahchaohai, muthafarker who steal my blog contents..

May your kukubird (penis) rots and drops to the ground

May you kick a stone and fall face flat and ate dog shit

May you get banned by Text Link Ads and Google Adsense real soon

May you get kicked out of Blogger right now

May you never, ever get an erection

May you have an itch in your anus and yet, find no cure to it

And if you are a woman, may your cheebye rots and no man and animal dare go near you

And if you are woman, may you be so fugly all men vomit and tell you, your fugly looks make them puke.

If you think you can steal my content and get away with it, you are so dead wrong.

I have reported to Google Adsense,

I have reported to Text Link Ads

I have reported to Blogger

and that’s not all

I am going to track every post of yours and write to every blogger you stole the contents from.

Die, muthafarker sonabitch! May you be so poor you don’t even have money to buy yourself a coffin. Somemore wanna blog and make money. Ptui! Nah, take a stack of silver hell money and go die soon.

All the below posts are mine, asshole.

# What do bloggers do on weekends?
# LinkWorth – New dashboard coming soon
# How writing paid posts MAY increase Google Adsense…
# “I make eggs (zero income) from my Google Adsense!…
# Have you changed your Text Link Ads to tinyurl yet…

****Ok, curses finish. Phew… nice to diss people, right?********

28 thoughts on “Niamahchaohai, muthafarker who steal my blog contents..

  1. huh?? he steal ur post before u even post it? or he steal ur post after you post it?? haha… he copy everything and put it as his is it???

    HAHAHAHA… Stupid fella… I still remember last time also got ppl steal ur content, then u change the pic to Saddam face.. Damn funny lar.. hahahhaha.. fight back again lar MOM.. wuakakaka

  2. Give the link lah. I go hack.

    I have lots of stuffs from my Ah Long business (tutup kedai liao) Red paint, hell notes, pig heads and Ah Bengs. What you want? 50% discount. 50 years merdeka mah.

  3. Well…he did link it back to you as the source….Oh well it’s still plagiarizing. Poor ol’ fella. He doesn’t know who he is dealing with. 😛

  4. I had one that copied totally and didn’t link back to my source. &*$#&*% It was via my own trackback then I discovered the bast.ard did it. I tracked every blogger and placed the comments. The site removed the Adsense soon after even though it’s still copying from everyone.

  5. tenthofmarch – Hahaha, I hope so.

    Huh? – There wasn’t a source yesterday and he deleted my comment as well. I commented and F him yesterday so the put the link today.

    terence – eh, i posted the link mah, I no put hyperlink cos my link cost USD80 per month you knowwwwww….Ish, I haven’t bill you for all the plugs I made for you blog yet.

    Jing – No he stole my old posts and many other bloggers as well. I trace the original bloggers and mail to alert them.

    shoppingmum – Yalor, somemore so selective, copy only blogs that benefits him. It is not just some random work but done with making money from Adsense.

    malique – He will be a dead cat soon.

  6. cis… don’t like these copycats. it’s not easy to come up with content and these people just simply come and sapu!

  7. Aiyah auntie….

    Don’t la so angry. I’ve had idiots plagiarise my posts a million times – the latest was just last week.

    Here’s something to think about – its your post he is copying, and yet you’re the famous one getting the hits, no?

  8. vincent – That asshole has like five blogs, all stolen contents and he does it for adsense. It is not like those imitation is the greatest form of flattery, one time thingie. This guy chronic theft.

    nyx – He has blogs for arts and every blardy topics, all stolen contents. Cilaka mia budak.

  9. Wow – what a curse! You’re good!

    Maybe you can start an internet service offering cursing services! 😉

    Just kidding. Peace!

  10. better change ask the copy cat to change the blog’s name to “how to make money being a copycat blogger. alright reserved and copycated”

  11. the fella steal yr content din even bother to chg some..

    –>Text Link – Yikes, I do not know what’s the name of this product but it is text link ads and so far, I have two of them on my personal blog at 5xmom.

  12. till now… i STILL dun get it… why copy other ppls’ posts? this is not an exam or test rite? not a project that must be submitted rite? not a report tat needs to be given to ur boss rite? why even blog also want to copy? T_T

  13. Who do such a sleazy despicable act?? No shame.. no pride! I add on 1 more for you..

    May he/she go blind and have rheumatoid arthritis.

    So clever, copy people’s work ler la… blind dy i want to see how to copy…

  14. Tai koi sei. Kena from u, he belum tau who is Lilian Chan lagi. This people don’t know then don’t write lar, lagi want to copy people one. No standard at all

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