Malaysia Bulleh – 12 years old cheaters (UPSR leak, bocor)

I woke up this morning and heard over the loudspeaker some teacher giving instructions. WTF, those kids are only 12 years old and I can tell you that not all 12 years old are that bright. I know mine will get lost in that sea of instructions. I presume the teacher is the invigilator in the exam hall and the whole hall consists of 12 years old sitting for their UPSR. It was a lengthy instructions, telling them to AMEND the freaking exam paper before they start their exam. It went something like, mukasurat dua, perenggan bla bla, soalan nomber tiga, tambah noktah, mukasurat tiga, bahagian blablabla….ayat nombor bla bla……..

See? They couldn’t even get their exam papers set correctly. Poor 12 years old kids who are not very smart are going to be so lost with all those instructions.

Then, I am further cheesed with this:

Hisham orders probe into alleged leak

PENANG: Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein has ordered an immediate probe into allegations of a leak in the ongoing Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), which began on Monday.

He said the Malaysian Examination Board would conduct the investigations into the allegations highlighted by a television station on Monday night that Section B of the Bahasa Malaysia paper and Mathematics Paper Two was leaked out on the first day of the UPSR.

“The board will investigate the case immediately and it has to study when the leak occurred.

We also want to know whether any monetary element was involved,” he told reporters after opening Seameo Recsam’s 40th anniversary celebration and launch of its development project here yesterday.

(the star)

Eh, Datuk, by the time the news is highlight on TV, what’s there to investigate? Admit sajalah. The rot is too great. If these 12 years old already know how to cheat (no thanks to their kiasu parents) at this tender age, by the time they are 21 years old, they are ready to sell their soul and their country.

Now, this is one reason I won’t push my kids to die-die oso must get good results. I don’t want them end up disillusioned that their efforts are nothing when their peers can easily buy the easy way out.

Check the rot, Datuk. It is not a matter of a small exam, it is a question of integrity which we must instill in our kids. Wallop those responsible and do it fast to get the message across. Don’t let the nation go to the dogs.

**Read this kampunghouse. They are funny.**

29 thoughts on “Malaysia Bulleh – 12 years old cheaters (UPSR leak, bocor)

  1. Too late. You never know how many ‘engineer’ and ‘doctor’ are product of such “exam mills”.

    Perhaps it is a true that a country must go through some massive disaster to learn something. It is a price that all must pay when they refuse to learn from others mistake.

  2. horny angmoh – LOL, leak here, leak there, dunno all of them got premature ejaculation or not hor? Can’t help it when I am talking to horny angmoh.

    laucharbor – Yeah, imagine what kind of impression kids have on us adults? That adults are too useless to even do a simple exam?

    moo_t – Looks like it.

  3. Yah la… no wonder our kids sometimes doubt us! Do simple things also can make so many mistakes and some more want to hide here and there…..

    Pertaining to what you have said about the teacher blaring out instructions…Yah la.. .all these complicated instructions are meant for idiots la.. not for 12 years old la.

  4. with reference to your theory…. those who are currently cheating the country…wonder when they started their cheating journey… eh?

  5. in malaysia, apa apa thing oso bocor one… become bocorland… and somemore have to investigate on it. every single simple case must take one decade to investigate it.. =.=”””

  6. lol!!!

    parliamen bocor, exam pun boleh bocor-la…

    what else is new?

    i notice 1 thing new about my bulleh minister… they love to investigate things. must be watching too much csi-le.

  7. pls no more re-sit..enough torture 4 my daughter . 6 months of early morning 2 late nite study. Aku pun tension jugak..Let d minister & co take d exam on how 2 prevent leak, if dis xm questions ‘bocor’ jugak, let dem re-sit.

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