Tell me why Malaysians go to Singapore for holidays

If you do not already know, my siblings are much, much older than me.  Hence, my nephews and nieces are getting married while I am still washing baby’s dirty bottom.  For some strange reasons, each time one got married, they married someone further away from Penang.  The first nephew married in Cyberjaya.  Then, his sister went a bit south and married a guy in Melaka.  Now, my other sis’s son, my nephew is getting married even more south.  He is getting married in Singapore.  I think we will end up in Australia then the Antartica (eh, right continent?) by the time all my other nephews and nieces got married.

So, hubby and I were having a discussion.  He reminded me that we have to renew the passports of all my kids and myself beforehand.  Passports = $$$$$.  So, he told me, ‘ah boh, we no need to go lah’.  I told him, “Bo chap, I sindiri go, you jaga anak at home.  I must go wan.  I am the patphor auntie, if I no go, how can.”

Then, we are thinking what we are going to do in Singapore besides the wedding.  It is not like the most ideal holiday  destination.

1) Their foods are lousier than Penang;

2) I get the same air, same temperature, same Chinese looking people;

3) I cannot simply cross the road/drive  anywhere I want; (last time we were there, we drove into that dunno-what road which must have dunno-what pass and got stopped the exit at immigration)

4) The same McDonald’s burger cost more than twice here;

5)  Their tourist  spots all mimic other countries.  Science museum, underwater world, Sentosa, I hampalang been to better ones in overseas;

6) I can get cheaper designer stuffs in KL (not like I  afford lah);

7) After like 30 years, the Merlion is still spouting water like it has been when I was there when I was 10. (do the maths, la, rounded to the lower numbers)

So tell me lah, who go to Singkapoh for holiday wei?  What can I do there lah?

Anyway, I am very happy that another nephew is getting married and heh, another one baptised in Christ.  My mother up there in heaven must be slapping forehead, “Aiyoyo, why all my precious male grandsons turned to Christianity one by one?  Jesus Christ!  Kam siah lu.” (My four sons, my brother’s son, my eldest sister’s son and this 2nd sister’s son all turned to Christianity.)  I see this as God’s grace.  Praise the Lord!

22 thoughts on “Tell me why Malaysians go to Singapore for holidays

  1. hahahahaha… All glory go to God… Praise the Lord…

    but hey.. yesterday i just plan a trip to singapore with my friends.. then today i saw this post.. u ruin my mood le.. .waukakakakaka… really tat bad ka singapore?? kekekke

  2. lilian, check out the zoological garden, bird park and science centre. they shld keep yr kids entertained cos i did when i was a kid back then. they are nicer and much more entertaining than ours! their stuff are well maintained too. also can try sentosa island if u dun mind the commercialisation part of it.

  3. Let me see, some electronic are cheap there. And the price different can buy you a trip to Singapore. And to see how soulless Penang can be following Singapore “acquiring, bulldozing, new building” developments, oh, by minus the efficiency, minus the planning but add corruptions to Penang Island development. 😉

  4. I think it’s more like singaporeans like to come to Malaysian for holiday. Malaysians only like to go to Singapore to earn Singdollar

  5. come la to Singapore! 😀
    if can, i will like to meet you.. but then i wont know wat to say to you. *slaps forehead*

    anyway, thanks for the advice Lilian, dunno whether u know or not. I’m studying at Singapore already.

    God bless!

  6. Last night, hubby and I were discussing about the cost of going to spore as we have to attend my cousin’s wedding there. Manyak expensive… wah some more you 4 kids. Not to mention the angpau. Fainted!!

  7. Hehehe.. go Singapore to

    – experience the super efficient “clock work” system they have. From public to private whatever!

    – better choices to chose from for all products. Yah, we can buy branded stuff in Malaysia but not all model or design available wor.

    – people in Singapore not so suah koo??

    – got funky taufu far to eat… flavors like pandan, lychee, sweet corn… Err… duno what else la.. got put peanut also.. Wahhh…

  8. you can go there….. look at singaporeans and then blog about how they almost tried to kill you… WAKAKAKAAKAKAKAKAKAA!!

  9. That reminds me wei.. Must go and visit S’pore since so many buddies are down there liao.

    They are asking me to make my “vacation” permanent. Hmmmmm…. :think:

  10. Auntie,

    Must goto Singapore, there got male pole dancers for lady patrons. Sexciting lar…
    Lately many nice dessert shops (esp. french type) open and nice lar…
    BTW I am going there for work on 3rd week of this month.
    Want to go?

  11. Agnes!!! – I want, I want. Can bring home wan or not? The poledancer, not the S$2. Hahaha.

    angieT – The last time I was there was 2000. So long liao wei.

    mott – Or say Singapore pretty much sucks and cause war. LOL. But no, I am not Xiaxue.

    laucharbor – I only go next year lah. LOL, I ran out of topic to rant so mah cincai grab one lor. In Jan. 2008.

    WMD – Yayaya, beh song is the currency. Otherwise also nice. For that currency, I prefer go see angmohs and kangaroos.

    erin – Yeah, last I heard you were going there. But lost touch a bit liao hor?

    hcfoo – Yeah, something like that. NVM, I read RPK and it says we are going to be colonised by them liao. LOL.

    moo_t – Like that kah?

    everydayhealy – OK, I read it later.

    babe – Tks for the tips

    jing – Nice place lah, but the currency potong stim sikit.

    ahpek – Choy, why would I want Xiaxue leh. More like Mr. Brown lah.

    wendy – Can learn kiasuism from them mah.

  12. Singapore got good food. Dollar to dollar they are cheaper. Camera stuffs also cheaper after convertion.

    I pinjam u my GPS lah. But take note that we have Indons here, they have Banglas. Lots of them.

  13. hahahaha…. boasting about food eh… penang food… i know it’s good la… nothing compares… i think one of the most attractive thing about singapore is of cos… the sale…

  14. Auntie 5xmom,

    I can tell you that Singaporean shops provide better service than Malaysian shops. In Singapore, you can go in a shoe shop and try the shoes on 10 times before telling them you don’t want to buy any. They will still smile and tell you “Thank you sir”.

    In Malaysia, the moment you go into a shop (even with the intention of buying) they will look at you with a long face. Like you’re gonna steal something from their shop.

  15. Lilian – Singapore is safer leh – u carry handbag no need to hang over your neck lah – then hor, you can leave you bag on the chair, go to the store and order food and it’s still there leh – but hor, pls take yr wallet along hor – lolz.

  16. Singapore has got one of the best BUS service in the world besides their MRT.RapidPenang buses is no where compare to theSBS bus service.What a let down in Penang bus service.They (Penang ) got a long way to improve maybe only maybe in 2020

  17. Yep, S’pore might not be the best place if you want a relaxing rustic holiday of sun, sea and fun.

    But it does have many plus points. Really clean, safe streets…good, punctual public transport (polite taxi drivers too) and excellent shopping. 🙂 And yes, the service at the shops there are friendlier and helpful (this was rather surprising, cause I expected them to be more stuck-up or kiasu, lol).

    Their food may seem more pricey, esp when you convert it back to ringgit. But it’s cheaper when you compare dollar for dollar…seems like their money goes a longer way than ours.

    E.g. I had the Ultimate Ice Blended from Coffee Bean in S’pore. It cost me about S$5.70. The same thing would cost me RM10.80 back here. 🙁 If I earned S$2000, S$5.70 would be a small portion of my pay, compared to RM10.80 out of RM2000. =_=

  18. i want to eat
    1. mee hseam !
    2. bak chor mee
    3. singapore kantong laksa

    then leh, i want go they see all those techy gadgets.

    go orchard rd where all the shopping malls are.

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