Bajet 2008(Malaysia Budget 2008)

 Update :

1) No more school fees;

2) Free textbooks;

3) Free one set of co-corriculum uniform;

yadda yadda yadda

I wonder, why do they schedule the budget 2008 in September? For as long as I can remember, it is always in November.

Is it because the General Erections Elections is coming like really, really, really soon? So, they want to sweeten our mouths and while we are still smiling, they hope we go and X the Cacing Dacing?

(sui boh, my photo. nice hor? Sunkist hire me!)

Or is it because they know it is my birthday tomorrow and they want to give me a surprise? Like….

**tell me what you expect for the Bajet 2008? Faster, let’s make our wishes..

26 thoughts on “Bajet 2008(Malaysia Budget 2008)

  1. for someone who doesn’t want to be reminded of her birthday… everyday got reminders from her … hari-hari pun ada. gua mau wish pun mau, tapi takut… mana itu icon teh tarik?

  2. rizlan – Dah merajuk dah. Tadak orang layan pun. Eh, that day your sis mentioned about car accident and said you sure can connect. You dah tengok gambar I ke? Post dah lama jugak.

  3. Budget usually in the month of October la… the 3rd Friday of October la… but since this lembab fella took over, it is in September la.

    I wish the Budget will :-

    allow women to enjoy tax relief for children. (at the present moment, it is only men who enjoy tax relief. Women ellekpohchit even if you are a single parent! Gender discrimination!)

    allow a realistic amount for personal relief instead of RM666 per month! RM666 enough for what?

  4. Bajet so early because of Ramadhan and Raya. usually it is 3rd friday of October as mentioned by lau char bor. Also ah I think to give goodies for festive period so that ppl all hapi.

    sure a lot of goodies wan… because of GE. They know that should they fail to be the governing authority next year…their excess goodies will make the new governing authority cialat. If they win, well at least the goodies is their small investment to victory.

  5. hahaha… the budget has been in september for the last few years…

    wish list… what i tell u exactly what is gonna be in the budget? heh heh heh….

    anybody here familiar with the imputation system?

  6. yes, the budget normally is scheduled on first friday of oct (during mahathir time) …

    but then it could be due to ramadhan that the budget is being rescheduled to sept … so it’s either first week of sept or oct – depending on the puasa time …

    weird that their calendar is kinda screwed-up …

    cheers …

  7. Aiyah, nowadays price oways increase, but hor, salary didnt increase.
    Hopefully the petrol price wun increase again la, then both my parents can save petrol $$ and send me to oversea for further study.

  8. It’s quite simple Nicholas, they take away a big part of your earning as Income Tax, then try to be nice to you by giving some of it back to you. If they dun take it away in the first place, they dun need to gizzit back, simple!!
    Nice pic. Better still with a ring flash and a macro lens. A woman of your means should have no problem, Lilian.

  9. give more money to civil servant…..cut civil servant working hour to …shorter.. Give more tea breaks, and give them gold plated sign “TUTUP” if they work harder…..bla bla bla

  10. alah, if you are gov, you will do like that lah… kite dah idup senang macam ni pun dah cukup bagus. kalau nak mintak banyak2 bankrup la our country. Korang nie miskin sangat ke?

  11. this budget is for snail lembab! govt. I agree with David,,,take away a big part of your earning as Income Tax, then throw away to u all back in small shit

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