So, is it 43 or 44?

I MSN-ed someone with “Sad”.

It is sad.

He asked, ” Why ler?”

Because I do not know I am 43 or 44 years.  You see, previously, I have no problems giving my age as the next birthday’s age.  When I am 40 years old + 1 day, I will say I am 41.

When I am  42 years and 364 days (which is today), I say I am 43 years.

But bawls!!!!!!  Tomorrow, I do not know if I am going to tell people I am  still 43 years or 44 years old.  Because I am technically 43 years old + x number of days until I reach 7th September, 2008.

I don’t want to be a year older.  I don’t want to be called  ‘late fourties’.  I don’t want to grow older.  I don’t want my birthday.  I have enough of white hairs.  I don’t want my eyes to get much worse.  I don’t want menopause.

Instead, I want to see male poledancer (nay  Agnes suggest).  I haven’t seen a male stripper before.  I want a toyboy.  I haven’t done bungee jumping.  I want to take the world scariest roller coaster ride.  I want to go parachuting.  I want to do so many things.  I want to go to India and do missionary works.  I want to go to Jerusalem, the Holy Land.  I want to …… dey, so many things I cannot finish listing.

Ok, enough of my rants.  It is just a pre-birthday jitters.  And don’t you dare wish me.

22 thoughts on “So, is it 43 or 44?

  1. I know the feeling. I turn 30 plus one short of the holy trinity and the majority of my friends are in their twenties. But one good thing tht I think both of us share is young looking genes. I’ve seen you frm afar (no..i aint a stalker) and u look in yr mid 30’s.

    So go out there and do that you want to do. Go find a male stripper. Go bungee jump. Go sky diving.

    Happy Day to you. Hehehe.

  2. sasha – Blek. It is only 43 lah. Now I am 42.

    Bryan – I LIKE YOU! Hahaha, good idea. But hor, wonder why the budget normally comes in Nov is now in September? So that we can be happy, in time for GE.

    irene – Clever.

    alex jai – LOL, you got the wrong post! Wei, this one my birthday post lah. Tiu. Hahaha. Now who is going 50?

    penang – Yeah, I don’t feel fourty also.

    moo_t – Yeah, see Bryan’s comment. It is Google’s birthday too but they don’t celebrate on the same day every year.

    moby – You kenot, no stamina liao. You under 21?

    terence – yayaya, 48 years for you. Laff what, you also getting older wei.

    wuching – Yes….behind? Where?

    ahpek – Not so soon. Listen budget first.

    lawrence – Over 25 roll down hill very fast wan.

    hok – Wuah…you make me very happy. Tenkiu tenkiu.

  3. Happy Boofffday!!! Happy Boofday! Happy Booffday to youuuu…

    Aiyah.. early 40s la… where got late.. not yet 48 also.. Got time some more… Just enjoy!

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