Budget 2008 – It is an election budget. Period.

The above is taken from my son’s blog Kamikaze-Skateboard. The red bar is inserted by him. The rest are real info.

As I am writing this, the broadband speed is like shit. So damn slow can die.

Yet, our PM is promising so much about improving jalur lebar (broadband). Oi, Pak Lah, nak Fisherman’s Friend kah? Nak Ubat batuk ibu dan anak kah?

Well, folks, as expected, it is an election budget. All orang asli, Chinese, Tamil schools etc etc get the perks. Free textbooks, no school fees etc etc yadda yadda yadda. Our Government is a caring one. Taking care of every layer of society. yadda yadda yadda. Yawnnnnn

My accountant husband is watching. I am blogithon-ing.

And my post which I made yesterday is already on 2nd place on Google. Boy, my SEO skill is damn cun! Budget 2008, bajet 2008 results semua saya pun ada. All you can find it on 5xmom. 90% lies, 9% blur sotong, 1% truth.

**ADDED : Yahoo – #1 is 5xmom budget malaysia 2008

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27 thoughts on “Budget 2008 – It is an election budget. Period.

  1. wakakkaa. normal lah of our country.. like that care about majoirty of people. They only want to get * famous* for doing good

    but forget about other important stuff

  2. suanie – Let’s dressed up like that four ninja turtles (namewee’s case?) and warn them. Kami goblok ingin memberi amaran kepada TMnut bahawa kami sangat tulan dan akan mengebom kamu jikalau jalur lebar lambat macam kura-kura. All hail, Goblok, goblok, goblok.

    whojen – One year claim to give goodies, four years torture us with high petrol and high teh tarik price.

  3. it’s one of the worst budgets ever presented …. maybe the preparation is not thorough or maybe it has to be simple enough or else the pm’s lung will be cough-out …

  4. stocktube – I hear from my bedroom also I cannot breathe already. Get his assistant lah, ahakahakahak..

    moo_t – Damn, sometimes I am even scared of my own SEO skills. Let you stay in front, you eat kari lice first. Now you know how powderful gobloks like us are. We can change many unsuspecting minds.

  5. Ok, just read through big portion of budget bajet 2008.
    conclusion : feel good till cow coming home. Yes, it is a elek-sion budget.

    Hah, same as gold fish uncle give 2 pcs of sweets to little girl to get a lot “more” on return. Bet many little girls will fall for it.

  6. yeah… what is wrong with internet lately? massive cyber troopers operation?

    anyway… the budget is a very clear indication that the gomen is not very rich…

    i shall comment on it on monday…

  7. haha lilian, u r smart by hiding yourself inside the bedroom (assuming your tv set is outside the living room) …. u scared his lung will be coughed-out and fly all the way into your mouth right (yuck)?

    anyway, deputy pm just hinted that civil servants might get their bonus when the time is “right” … so watch out for that date as it means the election will be weeks ahead …


  8. Guess that is the reason I haven’t register nuffnang ? šŸ˜‰

    Now I am teaching cybertrooper cantonese. Wahahahaha, it will take them sometime to know who is the Gumyeelow.

  9. teh tarik still o.k u know..

    petrol price.. later some stupid excuse saying. The goverment subsidies bla bla bla and you all should be thank full. i think they should use the reduce price further

    Not only that, GOSH do something with the education systems. Man wat next. PMR Leakage, SPM bocor, STPM, teacher free willing to help thier own:D LOL

  10. aiyarrr, petrol prices in Malaysia had never gone down a bit even when the world crude oil’s price drops.

    Biasa lah. Pretty ridiculous for an oil producing country.

    Like have pay money to use the toilet in your own house, true or not?

  11. Too busy to watch BAJET
    Was in KLCC to catch Osim Ambasadress from Taiwan… u know the one nominated with BEST PAIR OF LEGS IN ASIA….
    You all should be there, she WOWs the crowd, male n female…..
    Sardenly Malaysian Chinese boys n girls looks like kampong ppl……

  12. “All orang asli, Chinese, Tamil schools etc etc get the perks. Free textbooks, no school fees etc etc yadda yadda yadda. Our Government is a caring one. Taking care of every layer of society”

    Can they at least sponsor my school new pcs? =D
    my school is equipped with everything, including slowmyx but they dun have PC for students.

    Smart eh?

  13. lol 5xmom pawned the search engines… šŸ˜›

    and yeala, talk kok until so big, also dunno true anot… later he got election liao ma also liddat… do nothing also… that time say wanna curb corruption and piracy ma liddat… mou seng mou hei…

  14. how lar can u compare a third world country with developing country? lol! šŸ˜› bah, but i heard the internet is getting cranky these few days eh?

  15. ehon – My country dem cun, ok? We got the highest building, teh tarik in space, longest flag……So of cuz we can compare mah. Hohohoho.

    conan_cat – Yalor yalor, talk no need money wan.

    faye – Yakah? Got Slomyx but no PC? Kesian….Ask the PTA to raise funds lah.

    agnes – I oso tak tahan watch, boring can die. I force myself to listen for the sake of bloggable materials.

    aaron – Hahaha. Nice name.

    azhan – We use the monkey symbol.

    alex – Drinkers and smokers oso they want their votes. Tak kena price increase.

    aaron – OK, will do! Thanks.

  16. nicholas – Ya, let ppl read our views first before they read the real news.

    whojen – Semua pun bocor. Got one Penang mom who jotted down the answer on the ruler and passed it to her son. Ptui, see lah how our moral have rot. She got the answer BEFORE the exam.

  17. they had this thing called ‘ceria-thon’ but they used all the money for the teachers room lah, the toilet lah, and they bought few PCs especially for the teachers in the teachers room. Students not allowed.


  18. #2 – Your ma teknologi canggih. I implant chip into your brain, program it and with satellite, I can control your brain. So it is me who will be in the exam hall. Then, sure fail all subjects. LOL.

    faye – Kesian nyerrrr

  19. RM66 for a 512MB broadband package ! oh sorry it’s actually 5.12KB fast only … the more i complain to TMNET, the slower the speed they provide .. some kind of repercussion ah ?

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