The above is taken from my son’s blog Kamikaze-Skateboard. The red bar is inserted by him. The rest are real info.

As I am writing this, the broadband speed is like shit. So damn slow can die.

Yet, our PM is promising so much about improving jalur lebar (broadband). Oi, Pak Lah, nak Fisherman’s Friend kah? Nak Ubat batuk ibu dan anak kah?

Well, folks, as expected, it is an election budget. All orang asli, Chinese, Tamil schools etc etc get the perks. Free textbooks, no school fees etc etc yadda yadda yadda. Our Government is a caring one. Taking care of every layer of society. yadda yadda yadda. Yawnnnnn

My accountant husband is watching. I am blogithon-ing.

And my post which I made yesterday is already on 2nd place on Google. Boy, my SEO skill is damn cun! Budget 2008, bajet 2008 results semua saya pun ada. All you can find it on 5xmom. 90% lies, 9% blur sotong, 1% truth.

**ADDED : Yahoo – #1 is 5xmom budget malaysia 2008

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