Happy birthday to me and Terence and Google and best wishes for Bajet 2008

Well, what can I say? I thank God for His blessings of a happy family, good health, helpful friends and love all around.

Birthdays don’t hold much meaning to me since my son’s death because he was born in September too. So, I think I only have this much to say. I wish I feel much more excited but I am not going to lie because I hate the day approaching.

Anyway, being the drama queen that I am, I still look forward to the wishes from everyone. And while you are at it, send your wishes to Terence too. To make things easy, let’s do it on his blog because I made a guest post there – Terence‘s blog. I mean, how often you get to share the same birthday with someone else.

Go claim your birthday angpows from me.  USD10 for all the commentors with #7, #17, #27 and so on.  Up to a max of USD100.  Heh, as if I can get that many comments.