It takes great courage to laugh at one self


Thanks to Erina and Lawrence (CookingIsland) for the delicious cake.


My family and I have some so-so lunch at some supposedly posh restaurant. Service is good, ambience is terrific, Il Divo as background music is fantastic but the food? Blek.


Company is good. ‘Cos my kids get to make a fool out of myself. All the above are taken without my knowledge. Son said, “Ma, you should learn to laugh at yourself. It will make you young.” So, there you are.


The son who took the pic said, “OMG! My ma is a plastic.” (good complexion lah, tiu)


And guess what? There are 141 comments on Terence‘s blog. USD10 to 10 people. You guys have been such a sport. When I have finished watching the budget, I will Paypal all of you, ok? Thanks a lot for the wishes.

17 thoughts on “It takes great courage to laugh at one self

  1. Happeeeee burf-day, Lilian!! 😀

    Wear WP tee to birthday lunch! Confirm WP will sayang you very much!

    Makan not so good this time but hope you’ll have many more better birthday makans in future!

  2. nyx – Tks!

    moby – Ya, what matters is I laughed so much.

    bryan – Kamsiah.

    KJ – terima kasih

    ehon – You didn’t see the large pic, can die I tell you. Mouth open so big, cow also I can swallow.

    hcfoo – I like beefcakes. 😛

  3. Wishing you a very happy & blessed birthday, Lilian! Another Virgo, gang la kita. Mine was on the 2nd, same birthday with Keanu Reeves, hehe.

  4. Happy Ban (hokkien for slow) Harijadi to Lu Lilian …..

    Ngek ngek ngek ……….. Hope you had a great birthday ..

    Sorry for the late wishes as I just came back from a trip.

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