Good for all, yayayayaya

The fees I saved also not enough to buy me a supply for my monthly bocor.


Who you kidding lah?

Someone is singing:

I am leaving on a jetplane

I nak pergi Ostrolia

Makan nasi kandar

Takut kena hentam

Telur busuk nanti

Sebab bajet cuma save RM4.50

From paying school fees

(P/S : I super busy, I send out all the USD10 later, ok?)

24 thoughts on “Good for all, yayayayaya

  1. what do you do during your free time, expose gay people so that they cant sleep at night?

    or pick on small time bloggers like me?

    id like to know your secret to earning 12k usd =)

  2. tingtitlei – I obviously have no time for small talk and gays love me because I don’t judge them. In fact, I have at least four gays on my blogroll. I am not like you exposing your gay friend, ok? Too bad you assume too much. And sorry that you think I have time to go and pick on issues. That is not related to you. I write about the big picture. That’s how I make 12K because I focus on work and not on personal assaults.

    **Added : I discovered that tingtitlei did write on his blog fuck 5xmom fuck ahpek and fuck Kelwin but he has taken down the post again. Well, I am very good with Google search and found this :

    And in particular :

    Comment from TTL to huei
    serious? how come O_o … im at college now, trying to click my own ads aha if stil lzero means something wrong already
    July 17, 2007 10:46 AM

    Well, that’s a long history of clicking, eh?

    So, TTL, next time don’t come char me for nothing. I have done nothing personal on you. And you asked for it.

    Or how about this post?

  3. Who is this Ting Tit Lei??? Why his comment like not related to this post?? Why I don’t get what he saying???

    Oh, the sore loser that was banned. Still taking money from parents one = loser! Tiu! complain so much for what!! Be a man lah, banned, banned lah. If not guilty, ask advertisers to proof. If not, just shut the fark up and continue taking money from your parents.

    100-200 a week???? Dont tell lah. Shame lah. Thats loose change lah.

  4. A very happy birthday to someone I look up to….may you and your family be showered with blessings for this coming year until your next birthday. Why until then only? Next year I will renew the best wishes hehe.

  5. alexallied – No lah, Msian nasi kandar not so sedap.

    adrian – gua tak tau, gua dengar itu TV3

    aaron – Oi, why all three of you also starts with letter A?

    Eh, Ah Seng’s oso start with letter A. Hi, Mr Ah.

  6. TTL- If you dont like the product, go to the source and complain. Dont flame others. You are like bandaging your right arm when your left arm is injured. Maybe you should bandage your mouth. This is good advice, take it constructively. Young man, you hv a long way to go.

    Studying law? God save our jurisdiction. And there is no ‘S’ in ‘anyway’.

  7. kok – You think that helps? It doesn’t. Cos the rich have no problem with buying books. The poor memang getting free books all along. So, what difference does that make? Just a 100 bucks.

    You got kids or not? Do you know how much the kids have to pay for computer classes and workbooks?

    Bryan – Beh tahan kena fuck somemore wanna gatal pungkok.

  8. Lilian,
    You got the point. Actually I don’t have children as I’m still in my uni life. That’s why doesn’t know much. hehe.

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