Is this a sign of things to come? (that clash in Terengganu)

(photo from The Star)

Do you think this is as simple clashes between political parties only? I don’t think so. It is a sign that the people are not happy anymore. People as in the common rakyats, with or without any political motives.

When you read about this:

Ambulance dis-service (source)

PETALING JAYA: Ambulances – vehicles meant to save lives – have instead brought about injury and death, due to a multitude of reasons.

Ambulances were also used to transport staff or food while about half of the 141 paramedics interviewed in the Auditor-General’s (AG) report said equipment such as vital-sign monitors, cardiac monitors and portable ventilators did not work in ambulances acquired before 2002.

How do you feel?

BTW, my budget 2008 page is still top top on search engines. Go add your comments and let them be heard.

‘Cos so many morons still insist I am being negative and should be thankful to the Government for the free textbooks. One said we should blame the suppliers for overcharging the Government. Stupid or what? Open your eyes and face the fact lah. We need a change.

Like I told Zewt, a year supply of textbooks may cost me only RM100 per child. But the Government may need RM500 to pay the supplier (whom btw, morons, are their cronies or you can forget about being a supplier, donggoi) and in the end, it is still my money that is being siphoned.

12 thoughts on “Is this a sign of things to come? (that clash in Terengganu)

  1. Agree.

    I will bet US$10 that the country will need many millions to bail out the country wide book loaning scheme project. I wish I will lose, but the situation tell me otherwise.

  2. Yup… I think so… we are getting there real soon if these mangkuks for minister keep at what they are doing… We will sure get there!

    As for the Budget 2008, what is there to say? After 50 years and that was all the Govt can offer to the ordinary Joes and Janes squatting by the roadside is simply pathetic. It is actually disgusting, taking into consideration the amount our Govt had wasted year in year out as per PAC report yesterday. RM500 for a screwdriver! I suppose it is to screw themselves with!

    I am not sure if voting is the answer but for the first time, i will vote. I will vote a vote of NO CONFIDENCE to BN…

  3. Biasalah kak…sama-sama cari makan…Kalu ako tak siphone duit ni,mana ku nak cari duit tuk beli Kreta Proton Persona bawu tu?

    Relak lar..kalu hang tak sukak,HANG KELUAR!!!!!

    Man it was hard trying to talk like them….haha…seriously i’ve lose confidence with the current government..I love Penang but not the government…Screwdrivers woth Rm225 to shaft it up their ownself..

    Overcharge is the way these donkeys get our taxmoney….

  4. i must admit that i am very ignorant when it comes to politics and the running of a country. i just wasn’t bothered.

    but its hard to not be bothered anymore when i read more and more outrageous things that has been happening in our country. i feel sad, angry and most of all helpless. things must change. but how? and what can i as an individual do?
    i can vote and i can wear/already wore yellow. and i can pray. i just do not know if this is enough.

  5. sorry out of topic la..but did anyone see the guy burning the malaysian flag? i think if anything, that beats the other ‘unpatriotic’ act.

  6. haha auntie lilian … i’m equally surprise that there’re still naive persons who are capable of surfing the net (meaning they’re educated, no?) but couldn’t see the illusion of the david copperfield of the government, if what your claim about those people who suggested you should be thankful to the govn is true …

    no wonder these people still vote for the same corrupted candidates year in year out … bravo …

    cheers …

  7. i give malaysians 2 weeks… everything will be forgotten. all these fund mismanagement and ambulance fiasco will be a thing of the past.

    by the way… i vaguely remember something about bus crashes… anyone care to remind me?

  8. seriously, did anyone of you ever think of migrating to another country ? how can i let my next generation grow up in this kind of environment ?

    how about in 20-30 years time ? i’m really worry for that … will we become another indonesia …

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