“One leave is worth a thousand flowers”

Another joke only the Lohs can think of.

On MSN with hubby, he is not that techie and usually we (the kids and I) have to teach him simple things like how to MSN. So, that man doesn’t know how the icon shorcut works, ok? Anyway, we MSN each other when he is in the office. Lucky man, no need to work very hard wan. Next month, VSS finish jor, can retire and can shake legs with me at home liao.


(What I meant was he owe me flower on my birthday. He said he took annual leave which can buy a thousand flowers. And yes, fower is how our little boy pronounces flower, not because my hubby doesn’t know how to spell lah.)

Leaf = daun, green thing on tree

Leave = annual leave

Added : Flirting on MSN

10 thoughts on ““One leave is worth a thousand flowers”

  1. aiyooo… so sweet!!!

    however, my friends very high expectation… even take leave to teman for b’day still demand for alot of things. Hahaha.. 😆

  2. terence – Eh, but I thot all Lohs like that wan? No meh?

    angie – Ya, new new can lah. Try long long relationship and see? Susah mau cari lor.

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