CHIPSTER – Snacks good for bloggers, good for hungry sharks too

Listen here people, I have some fun thing for you guys to try out. Not only that, you stand a chance to win cool prizes too. I tell you it is damn shiok, ok? You must believe me ‘cos I never lie one…..Bloggers where got tell lies, wan hor?

(5xmom snacks on Chipster)

So, my hubby bought these few packets of Chipster potato chips by Danone which produces that snacks like Twisties. Who has never eaten Twisties before, you tell me? *piak whoever never eat Twisties, you are not Malaysian enuff, I tell you*

The kids walloped them while watching TV but left a few pieces for me. I heard from my blogger’s friend that there is a Chipster contest call ‘Nothing Else Matters’ so I also fast-fast login and join the contest because it gives you a chance to camwhore! Yes! Can take photo and enter contest. Prizes are dem cun, ok?


Grand Master Prize – 1 x Macbook 2.0Ghz
1st prize – 1 x Nokia N95
2nd prize – 1 x 80GB iPod Video
Consolation prizes – 20 x Exclusive Chipsters Premium


So, what I did was to force my son to take a few goofy pics of me. Upload your photo to Chipster, erase the edges and then, find a background (there are 3 to choose from).

You then add some captions. And your ready to enter the contest!

Now, I just sit back and hope to win that Nokia N95.


So, who is ready to join me in the contest? Just go buy yourself a packet of Chipster, take a photo, upload it to Chipster website and that’s all.

I think it will be fun to see more blogger taking part. Hey, make it like a meme lah. We together-gather join and see whose photo is the funniest. Join lah! Come lah!


Nothing else matters – as long as you are brave enough to act goofy in front of the camera. Share your goofy pic on Chipster now!

15 thoughts on “CHIPSTER – Snacks good for bloggers, good for hungry sharks too

  1. wah!! i want i want!! i damn like those chipster chips man..especially the hot n spicy….. yum yum…ok i’m so gonna join that contest!! 🙂

  2. Bryan – And the Ah Beng who dunno how to pronounce will ask the Ah Lian, “Lu ai chiak Kapster boh?’

    giddy – You enter yourself lah! Haiyor! Two bucks only to buy a packet. Or if you chipscake, go to 7-Eleven and fast fast steal a packet and take photo. Hahaha.

    nyx – Ya, I am surprised with the quality too. Nice hor?

    lingzie – I like original. As original as Adam and Eve. Naked.

  3. heh. you converted me. will go out and try that chipster thingy. sedap, ye? you seem to be enjoying it a lot in the pixes… or is that acting only?

    i think twisties should be hailed as a national snack food, lah, right up there with kacang ngan yin, rempeyek, muruku… etc…

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