Welcome to the jail (for ISA)

Kamunting, taiping

I am sure everyone know what is the ISA. It is the internal security act. That means if the Government thinks you are a threat to the internal security of the nation, they will slammed you in there without trial. Sayonara, bye-bye, selamat tinggal, ciao, pordah.

Since we so often talked about eating curry rice, let me show you the Kamunting detention centre in Taiping, Perak.

Nice eh, the invitation is there already. Selamat Datang. Welcome.

It is funny that they have this welcome message on their wall. It is actually to welcome folks to Taiping because it is located at a corner.


You can forget about blue skies like this once you are in there. This photo too is taken from my car when I was in Taiping.

13 thoughts on “Welcome to the jail (for ISA)

  1. Hey! I was in Taiping the other day and I know where this is! That’s the Taiping jail in the first pic.. one of the jails in Malaysia where they actually hang people… gory no?

  2. Bryan – The wall not very high, you can throw me babi panggang hor?

    nyx – I know last time they also keep the communists in there. Long history lor, the building since 1879.

    zewt – Yaya, you got ppl throw siew yoke or not?

    goblok – Maybe they got windows to peek out at blue skies kut.

  3. Tui! Why you must show where they are keeping me now! Told you not to blog about your visit mah!

    Niamah! Now everyone knows I am here.

  4. Wei…rizlan – Apa ni? Reminder ke? kahkahkah

    sotongzai – You will pass by this when you get into Taiping. Next time open eyes big big, sure won’t miss. And remember to stop by and say hi.

    sean – Yakah? Nice place lah, Taiping, so peaceful.

    alex – Last time I got one bf there, they eat full nothing to do, they draw a circle on the sand and bet whose circle the rain fall first. Or bet what time the rain falls.

    Eh, Mr. Terence – I damn proud ok? You think simply can get a place there ah?

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