I “arm luen” Jackie Cheung, how lah?

Hubby is going to puke from his nose, ears, eyes, mouth and butt if he knows this. But I long long arm luen Jackie Cheung deep deep liao. Back to the 1980s when he was signing with kou-lou Shuen (nay, that short guy with small eyes wan, the toyboy of Dodo Cheng?).

So, Jackie is having a concert this Friday and I told the hub I want to go and watch his concert. I told him I am going to buy the front seat and maybe I even get a chance to kiss him theeemmmmm.

And he said, “SIAO.”


12 thoughts on “I “arm luen” Jackie Cheung, how lah?

  1. haha Jacky Cheung is one of my favorite canto pop singer. I also like that misai fella, George Lam, Sally Yeh and Samuel Hui. I’m like an old man trapped in a young body lol

  2. Eh… go concert very “charm”1 leh…. near near ticket so expensive… far far ticket, see only 1 dot… some more our weather is like sai… sit and dun do anything also sweat like pig.. some more, those gate keepers and duno what other security ppl around hor, always very rude one.. treat those in cheapie ticket area like pig…. Sigh.. so hor, even though i arm luen this jackie fella ah.. i also wont go…. unless!!!!!

    he is like Bon Jovi or U2!! Blady Icon like that la… once in a lifetime type la… than I mati mati also go…treat me like pig n dog also can la..

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