You never comment, I also no comment

Pablo wrote a long, long post about

Why It Is Essential To Reply To Comments.

Since I am done skimming through the papers and has thrown it under my bed because if I flipped through further, I am going to blog, ‘IT IS NOT THE FLAG BURNING, LAH. It is WHY, WHY, WHY they feel that way. Find out the whys. You are not helping at all but instead make the situation worse. You are our leader, remember? It is not politics, it is poverty, negligence, double-standard, anger…..’

But I am not going to go near politics. The wall is too high for anyone to pass me a char siew pau.

So, let’s talk about blogging and all it unwritten rules.

After blogging for three years, I realised that comments are no longer important. Not comments but the numbers.

Then again, the shrewd me do notice when people intentionally must die die push their opinions when something ruffled their feathers and yet, never bother to drop a word when the blogger may need some kind of support. (noting down who didn’t wish me on my birthday)

Another group will be those who will appear after a blue moon and tell you, Hey! I tag you (because you got PR 5/10) and hope you take it (because I gained a link and it helps my PR).

How about those who suddenly stopped coming by because they take sides. They aren’t happy with what you did to their friend and boycott you? Pigi blah, tak suka balik lah!

Of course, there are the regulars that will comment whether your post is just a paid post or something really profound. They always find the right things to say. These are the truest, bestest blog buddies. I love you all! Muacks, muacks, muacks.

Therefore, sometimes, all the above made me feel too lazy to comment so much. Just like a relationship, once you get too many disappointments and wrong judgement, you decide to just stay on the sideline.

As for replying to comments, these are the reasons why I didn’t reply some of my comments :
1) Too lazy, no time
2) No mood, the comment doesn’t warrant a reply
3) I know you are just soliciting for visits and links, so I didn’t ‘see’ linkwhores
4) I know you do not need me to reply because we are just an MSN away
5) I know my post is sooo good and YOU HAVE TO COMMENT but don’t care whether I replied back

So, if you comment, don’t expect a reply unless the stars are aligned with the moon and the weather is fair with a temperature of 24 deg celcius and a slight breeze.  However,  you better keep commenting because my blog is a PR5/10 and you get backlinks which will add up to gain PR for you.  Not interested in PR?  How about traffic, new readers to your blog because people do visit each other.  Also not interested?   Then you read my blog for what lah?

31 thoughts on “You never comment, I also no comment

  1. u know i lafu u on your blog everyday wan even if i dun leave comment, i also lazy mah but still lafu u deep deep wan! *muaks muaks muaks*

  2. Wah! Your churned out this long post immediately after I posted mine such a short while ago! You really can post very fast lah!

    Anyway, good to have a comment policy like yours here. Now your readers know what will happen after they post comment.

  3. pablo – I posted TWO posts liao lor. Go see my Make$ Money$. Somemore got read fine prints and make comment wor. Kerng hor? Lucky I never become lawyer or else I dunno where I am now. So efficient.

    wuching – *wipes face with floor mat* Haiyor, you muacks so much, all my male fansees run away liao. Jeles of you. Next time we do quiet-quiet lah. Privacy mah.

  4. because we love you mar! that’s why read your blog.

    also because we kay poh lar. hahahahahaha!

    i also lazy to comment lar. but that said, i do read each and every of your entries lar. just not very interested with politics anymore. 😛

    don’t you feel the lovee??

  5. read your blog cause for some reason you remind me of rosie from PCK and my mother who is only 47 years old….and its a compliment!

  6. aida – I hope it is the thinner rosie hor? *go stuff head into toilet*

    alex – got, cronies always got synergy mah

    kSin – Yer, I thot it is because my blog is so damn good you cannot no read or you will have no life

    wuching – Tks for telling me. I oredi go offer some fruits, in case got visitors. Fat chance. Only got spies lah.

  7. oit.. Aunty Lilian, I got comment what… I also remember wishing you Happy Birthday not on that post but here in this blog I think….

  8. Ah Pek – You lansi lah, that’s why lorrrrr. But seriously, I don’t go back and see if the person replied me after I posted a comment. If I want to ask a question, I mail them. Comment is a not a forum board mah, correct or not?

  9. Now the stars are not aligned with the moon and the weather is cloudy with a temperature of 27 deg celcius and no breeze.

    Sure no reply lah liddat …. 😀

  10. i lafu ur blog sooo much. it kept me sane when i was in uk for some yucky work.

    anyway, i komen when i hv something to say-loh. if no komen, mai nothing to say-loh.

    my blog most of the time not much komen. mebbe ppl got nothing to say-loh. hahaah.. i doan mine…. 😀

  11. moby – Ok ok, reply reply reply.

    terence – Yayaya, Terence is hensem, Terence IQ 160, the rest all morons. Blek!

    anthraxxx – I told weirdoux lucky it is my PPP only blog. Not my all-paid-posts blogspot or I die kena spied on. It is very unlucky to be up there cos all eyes are on you to see how many things are against TOS and they take screenshots and report. Angmohscharborsmemangsueywan.

    Bryan – Ya, you scratch my back, I scratch your butt.

  12. hi, i am ur silent reader…once in a while I will pop in here and there…u have so many, i can’t remember which one…most of the time i go to 5xmom dot com. 🙂

  13. MG – Ish, I also don’t wan to comment liao.

    antharaxxxx – Try babelfish alta vista that. Cannot translate jor.

    cbenc – Kamsiah

    miche – That blog can help u make money, very good wan.

  14. ooooo eksyen huh?????????

    nevermind i still wanna comment..cannot meh?

    I tag u also u no layan me..but nevermind lor. Who ask u to be bigger leh…KAKKAKAKAKAKAK

  15. We all have a life to live, a few bathrooms to wash and tons of misc to take care and many paid posts to write. I won’t expect ppl to always response nor do I read or visit everyone daily, the blogs are many, the time is limited. 🙂

  16. Aiyah… me hor, I dun have computer at home mah and thats why u wont see me around weekends and non working days lor…

    I can only do it during working time… Sshhhh… dun tell my kiam siap boss… N hor, I not computer cleber… half the time duno what u ppl talk about also… tag and all la… eh, i baru tau got such things as blog leh… Yah la… slow la.. lau char bor mah!

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