Makera take sumami pikchers & Sell wife for RM300


Now that the tsunami warning is over, let me tell you  a joke.  Yesterday, wasn’t sure what will happen so I dare not make fun.

Hubby came back from work and told me the radio was announcing about the tsunami and I told him that I had blogged it.  My four years old doesn’t know what is tsunami and thought it must be something fun because we were  so excited about it.

As we were going out for dinner, he reminded me, “Mami, remember bring makera and take sumami pikchers.”

LOL, so kiut…..

Anywaysss…we thought of going to Langkawi for some cheap booze but all the flights are full and we won’t risk taking the ferry.  So, it is one long weekend ‘cos hubby has holiday for the first day of Ramadhan.

With too much time on hand, we always end up poking fun at each other.

In a conversation in the car.  There was the announcement about Jackie Cheung’s concert.

Me : Dearrrrr…I want to go…

Him : Can, tomorrow I am on leave.  We drive there in the morning, reach there in time.

Me :  But hor….you no jealous?  Later I idolise Jackie, Jackie, Jackie….Eat, sleep,  whole day think of Jackie

Him : Ticket only RM300 mah?  Correct?

Me : Ya

Him:  Go liao, don’t come back wan, rite?

Me : Ciiiiii….what you mean?

Him :  No meh, I thought you buy the ticket, skali follow him, don’t come back.  Aisay…not like that?  No wonder, I thought freight charges also not so cheap la.

Me : Ciii…you want to sell your wife issit?  Niamah, RM300!  You  sell too-bo (swine) also not so cheap.  You want me pinch you blue black or not?

Haih, no paid posts to write, damn sienz.  Got any place want to stir shit, call me faster.  Boring wei.

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  1. Krit – If you gotta bitch, please head over to TM Net and complain for me please. I ping only once but their fucking speed screwed and it went through three times. If not enough, go to PPS and fuck them why their system doesn’t filter. Doh, must you waste your time to leave a stupid comment like this? You never see ShaolinTiger and a few others always ended up like this? It is the blardy system. Not that I need to whore my blog cos I memang got a lot of traffic. Blah!

  2. Byran – Ask everyone get their own VPS liao. Nay, AhPek and Samm kaya liao, can buy bungalow oso.

    choonie – They are make enemies. Not like me, kwai-kwai…ROTLFMAO.

    terencessssss – Anywayss…

    ahpek – I not in the neighbourhood anymore, so don’t blame me hor.

    Agnes – But I want to be his nai-mah wor. LOL

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