The truthful meme

Bloggers are very nosy peoples. They create memes to dig stuffs about you which you normally wouldn’t tell in real life. This meme comes from GiddyTiger. Since she has seen my serious side when I was handling the OHP in my church and she still isn’t faze with that look, I give her credit lah. I tell you, if you have seen me in full concentration and you still dare to pass me a silly meme, then, you are very brave.

The meme is confess the 8 things you dislike to hear from people. It can be anything uttered, question or whatever they said:

1) You lose weight?

What? I was never fat, so how can I lose weight? (always in denial mah)

2) Aunty…auntie….Ah Ee…Nyonya..Ah Soh…

My eldest nephew is 33 years old. Anyone older than him CANNOT call me auntie! Even he calls me ‘Ah yi yi’ which is more palatable than a loud Aunty. *piaks to whoever call me that* All those born before April 18th, 1974 go line up and pull your pants down and let me smack.

3) That one…..your (younger) brother ah?

You blind or what? Your eyes got cataract, issit? My husband is older by four years so how can you think he is my younger brother? You think I dig younger men, issit?

4) Terima kasih kerana menghubungi TM Net..Pangillan anda penting untuk kami….Untuk laporan kerosakan itu kaninehchaochibaiscreamyas serbis, sila tekan jantung anda, untuk tunggu sila cekik diri anda. *toooot…stupid boring music*

Doh! Need I explain more?

5) Hi! Can we exchange links? I will link to you when you have added my stupid blog at this URL with keywords “I am too stupid.”

6) Jesus! Oh My Gawd! Oh Gawd!

Overheard on porn channels and books. Stupid I tell you. If you are doing something like screwing a donkey or something, don’t go and call God to see. Probably, His angels and Him are too busy with saving the world and He may not notice. This way, He won’t send you to hell that quick.

(censored but that’s my thoughts)

7) You checked the expiry date?

This one I paling, memang, tulan. It is my hubby’s regular quote whenever I took something from the supermarket shelves. I am not the supermarket worker, those are their job. They are supposed to make sure the things are not expired, not me! Hrrmmmpph….I got check YOUR expiry date and it says…Best used before…. you start to ask me to check expiry date of milk cartons. Nyek nyek nyek.

8 ) Auntie….do you want to install Streamyx….It is for in ter net…Only RM77 (or do you use credit card)

You want me to kill you, issit? You know who I am or not? I skali hentam your company, it goes on #1 in Google. Get out of my face already!

9) Asians?

Yayaya, we are the terrorists, the prostitutes, the third world countries, the cheaters, the bad inglish peeple….Get out of your coconut shell already!

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Next, I am suppose to dig the dirts from a few more suckers for PR5/10 link bloggers. Let’s do letter ‘C’ from my blogroll. How to do it? Just 8 quotes which you hate to hear. I think that’s how the game is lah.

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  • 22 thoughts on “The truthful meme

    1. Thank you for doing this tag, Aunty. You are so sporting!…. yes, I am very very brave!
      Oh, and I CAN call you that because I was born after April 18th, 1974 πŸ˜€

    2. clare – So fast? Too much confession issit?

      adrian – Perli keh? Or bodek?

      anna – Can can but call my name better.

      terence – HOI, you nuts got screwed properly? If lies + lies = truth?

      giddy – I damn free today mah

    3. lol… yeah i hate those farking tmnet calls also, they will never answer one lor = =” and lol yeah my bf oso oways ask hey got check expiry anot, haiya very sien one u know… check whole shelf also all same date de lar… memang the supermarket’s ppl punya job to check those thing wert, we just take nia anything then blame them can already… XD

      p/s: yeah got ur msg liao, will do the tag soon lar haha… but my blog address change to liao lur haha… paiseh paiseh

    4. Cham liao! Now I have three homeworks to do. The last two have been waiting for a long long time liao! I dare not tag you and you tag me?! Ok ok.. have to give face… not everyday you get tag by someone with PR5 boh! LOL

    5. wuching – I stole some of yr ideas mah. Haiyor, we two soul mates, sure do things together mah horrrr?

      choonie – You won’t dare! PR5/10 worrrr

      conan_cat – Cham liao, boyfriend only kena leter liao. I at least 20 years married, the ear oso turn deaf liao. Hahaha.

    6. “You want me to kill you, issit? You know who I am or not? I skali hentam your company, it goes on #1 in Google. Get out of my face already!”

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… This one really make me laugh until cannot stop XD

    7. sometimes we cant be too truthful. 10 minutes Benghui jus broke an expensive plate and showed no remorse.. mrs bb scolded him but i cleared up the mess n told him to b more careful. if i were truthful, i would show some reaction but since i didnt it cooled down the situation a little.

      it was an accident after all. πŸ™ It was important to me because it had sentimental value πŸ™

    8. greetings!

      thank you for your help, a big help indeed!

      you’re my inspiration in blogging!!

      esp when it comes to add my extra pocket money!

      thanks again!

    9. oh ya…many things i dont reli know about blogging and especially the money making parts….

      without your help, i wouldnt even know i missed out so many things..many of them i dont reli bother to read the terms and conditions LOL…

      err…i was trying out for TLA, but wasnt approved. apparently of my zero page rank i tink? been figuring this out, but to no improvement. cracked my head out LOL

      not kaypoh la big mama….u’re just giving a helping hand to beginners like me. comments and help are always cherished!

      thank you again…

      i shud be the one “chia u chiak kopi!”…

      wait i get my first payments k!


    10. Eh…. truthful lah, not perli or bodek. The photo in ur last post of u hugging the pink teddy, look like mui-mui chai leh!

      oklah, oklah…. bodek lah. πŸ˜›

    11. it’s all so true! we get these kind or remarks from time to time… blame it on culture, blame it on mentality, blame it on whatever it may be, but they’re all quite inevitable…. =P

    12. hey donald, i agree. and when you get those remarks you can’t help but grumble a little. Ahaha..although it may be true, sometimes when you get the truth rite in ur face, it hurts leh.

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