4 thoughts on “Don’t hate me because I am cute and you are not

  1. samm – We pintai cos we got no lil, cutie, dotters to dot on. So, we have to play with little girls stuffs lor. Now only I realised why I so crazy for these stuffs. Chey, for a while I thot I am turning into midlife crisis.

  2. Lilian,

    Blog of the day twice in a row on PPP Woot! Congrats! Sure lots of spies wan LOL

    Dunno where to leave this comment so put here lah. And I love pink too. Should buy some pink soft toy like u to accompany me when I pull an all nighter lol

    P/S: Happy belated birthday, just read it this morning. Boy, am I so out of touch LOL

    happy sunday 😀

  3. cyberpartygal – LOL, I swear I didn’t know about this until midnight here. People will think that I purposely put this up to snub those who like to come by and evaluate my site. Can’t help it, “Don’t hate me. PPP loves me enough to put my face twice a week.”

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