*UNWISE* move by Terengganu MCA Youth

Before I rant on, let me tell you what I wish to replace the word unwise with.

Disclaimer : This is not part of my post so no one can say anything. Unwise means bodoh, stupid, gong huanchu, donggoi, moronic, sarkua, goblok….

OK, now the real post with very politically correct views.

RM8,000 reward for info on flag-burner

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Terengganu MCA Youth wing is offering RM3,000, on top of the RM5,000 put up by the state Umno Youth, as reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who burned the national flag during Saturday’s riot at Batu Burok.

State MCA Youth secretary Toh Seng Cheng said the wing was perturbed by the act of torching the Jalur Gemilang and was eager to see the culprit brought to book.

The state Gerakan and MIC have also pledged contributions to the reward money.


As a Chinese and a peace loving one, I say it is unwise for MCA to get involve because it can be seen as “MCA bayar RM3,000 untuk tangkap Melayu.” Please lah, MCA, have more matured views. We know the group of nine shown in the papers are all Malays. It doesn’t matter which politcal parties they are from. It doesn’t matter what they had committed. How do you think people will feel to see that you, the supposedly defender of Chinese put up a bounty on their heads?

It is a move done in very bad taste. Want to carry balls? Do it discreetly. Want to create harmony? Stop harping on flag burning. The flag is not in pain. Ask yourselves, what made these people filled with so much anger and hatred? Where have the nation gone wrong? What is causing these people so much distress that they are showing it by burning flags?

Do you think getting those nine is going to silent the rest? No, it will create even more angry folks. Sometimes poverty drove them to that unreasonable stage. So, whose fault is it? Who failed to provide for all rakyats in the nation?

I had been to Kelantan a few times and my heart breaks to see the kind of poverty these folks live in. I don’t care who is the governing party. No one should allow those poor fisherfolks to live in broken huts. A leader with a heart will not allow his people to suffer. Because so much money have been churned into building arches, roundabouts and other white elephants to create glory and yet, nothing was done to the broken roofs and broken wooden plank walls.

I promised myself not to get near politics but this is just blatantly *unwise* (fill in with your own description). MCA leaders, look at the big picture. Are your youths creating a huge undercurrent that will one day swallow us up? This is the fasting month, emotions run high, don’t let our Malay brothers and sisters feel like we Chinese are throwing money to get their heads. Please.

I am but a simple person and yet, I can see the repercussion. Whatever happened to the leaders and their wise decisions?

11 thoughts on “*UNWISE* move by Terengganu MCA Youth

  1. padan that MCA when kena scold like a dog by UMNO, but now somemore wanna bodek them pula.

    MCA, mind your own business lah, cina nowadays is in deep trouble. u still got pigs to save …

    MIC – i think u have lagi more problem to solve loh ..

    pui ! malu !

  2. kok – Sei lorrr….few days ago, I baru got on there. Now masuk again. Tks for telling me, I don’t write for PPP these few days, never notice.

    abu – Ya, in a way, I agree with the sensitivities and the bad taste the way they handle this whole thing.

  3. negarakuku vs. flag-burner… which 1 more harmful to our country????

    As i know negarakuku song is to attract tourist to come here “Visit Malaysia 2007” but how about flag-burner? Do the flag-burner attract OR scary tourist???

  4. They too rich no where to spend?

    RM3000 can save many hungry souls leh wei. Can buy many text books!!

    But in IKBN, RM3000 cannot even buy half a 3.1megapixel makera…erm..I mean camera!!!

  5. whisperingshout – Thanks for sharing. Now I am terribly upset because this will lead to more uneasiness amongst the races and even between Malays and Malays. Sad, huh?

    putuengineered – Hehehe, my pretty face has been there twice this week. PPP loves me, what to doooo. Just joking. It is random.

    alex – Yalor, no use brains meh? People are still seething over the ‘pigs are saved, the Malays are not’ issue and they go masuk campur.

    domdat – Both are equally bad and they are made worse by bad management of the issue. Now we are looking more and more like our neighbouring country. Nay, the one that we cannot label Indon?

  6. i have successfully refrained myself from reading the newspaper in the last 3 days… only to come of this “flag burner wanted” news… sigh…. very unwise move indeed. wonder if there will be any repercussions.

    anyway… one does not need to head to kelantan to see poverty… even in the heart of KL… u can see poverty, if u know where to look.

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