Rainy days are good for…

Let’s see…

rainy days are good for…

making love but my loukong is having badminton;

sipping hot chocolate but I have drunk copious amount of coffee and I am hyper;

sleeping but I had taken two naps and it is only 2 pm;

blogging but I have written shit loads of paid posts and earn shit loads of money and it is only 2pm;

chatting with friends at some coffee joint but I have no friends šŸ™ and I have to jaga my kids at home;

MSN with some cyber-lover but I don’t have one šŸ˜‰ ;

read books but I cannot make up my mind whether to read thrashy novels or Christian books;

blog hopping but all blogs are dead due to their owners having a life (unlike me) šŸ™ ;

bitch with girlfriends on MSN but we have finished bitching about every single one of the common bloggers we know;

write something profound and change the world,but I don’t even know how to spell profound;

getting drunk but I have difficulty getting drunk;

Anywayss, my laptop is awfully warm so I will just keep it on my lap, like it is meant to be to keep the cheebye warm. Niamah, it has rained for three farking days and it doesn’t seem like it is going to stop raining soon.

I have lost count of the number of paid posts I had written within these few days. I am such a genius because I can crap over the same thing over and over again, on different blogs. Check out 12kmom dot com where I stuff my shits there. 12kmom dot com – 50% shits + 50% paid posts = 100% happy and rich 5xmom. Hate it? Those are my blogs, none of your business anywayss.

8 thoughts on “Rainy days are good for…

  1. So does reading this blog entry show that I don’t have a life either?

    I’m lying on my bed against the wall with the laptop on my lap warming my kkc, trying to blog and waiting for the clock to hit 4pm so I can go to work 1 hour EARLY and earn more money. Sad sad, I don’t have a life.

    So fun your loukong and go play badminton. Damn I also wanna play.

  2. blur sotong – Huh? I dun watch TV but I will do it for your sake. You issit?

    Bryan – LOL, kena TM_net!

    little ray – Who says reading my blog means got no life ah? No wonder I have so few comments these two days. Everyone dare not admit they are reading and sked I say they read my blog means they got no life like me?

    ahpek – Don’t! Later you cook yr eggs jor, how lah? Hahaha. Sausage and eggs, iLike!

  3. “…… blog hopping but all blogs are dead due to their owners having a life (unlike me)”

    So… if you blog hop on a Sunday afternoon, you don’t have a life? That’s what I was trying to say lah! lol

    Relax! Think too much already. No one comment, I comment lor šŸ˜› Hope you had a good weekend =)

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