Aiks, why no one wants to ‘choi’ me anymore (no comment)

When I wrote about the MCA and the flag burning issue, I was expecting a lot of opinions. When I don’t hear from the regulars, my heart sank because I wonder if they don’t feel the intensity of my disgust with how the matter was dealt with. Or they do not agree with me but dare not say so.

Then, the latest post only gets 2 comments! One is from my definite, guaranteed, commentor cum supporter aka AhPek.

Wei, Monday busy also not too busy until no time to read blogs during lunch hour, hai mai?

This brings to the theory that everyone is too busy blogging and no one reads blogs anymore. The end of the (blog) world is near! Save me!

29 thoughts on “Aiks, why no one wants to ‘choi’ me anymore (no comment)

  1. I guess it is sensitive issue, prefer not to say anything but I like your passion in learning new stuff.

    I remembered that last 2-3 years when I read your blog, you are not so “in” when comes to make money online.

    BUT now you are expert ! Services like BlogRush, DealDotCome just launched last week and you already get the details already. I signed up but never promote it till now …

    Salute you my friend …

    David from Penang tooooooo.

  2. hcfoo – Yalor, everyone’s talking, no one’s listening. Hahaha.

    david – Heh, it is sensitive alright. But still need to get it off my chest.

  3. Yeah, we still read your stuff. Good one …

    Or maybe people not able to read at all.

    When I read your blog, it crashes my IE very often.
    If I use Firefox, no issue.

    Maybe you should test it out …

  4. ahpek – Dunwan, sked….Later no one come to defend me, mah sei?

    david – Issit? I wonder why. I must check my template and see. Tks

  5. We “choy” you one… Today is Monday mah.. a bit busy at work lor.. like earthquake like that la my workload. No time until now you know…..

    Ok.. what you say ah… let me see… hmmm.. MCA ah.. sigh.. I boh lat talk about such peopless already la. What to do say about stupids like MCA?? What?? Of course we agree with you la… but hor, I also feel no need to so kik with MCA or the government for the matter la. Not to say they care what we have to say also. We say no, they also go right ahead… just like the blady amendment to some labour law act of limiting compensation to 24 months when court case for unlawful dismissal can take a lifetime! Sigh.. talk some more make my blood boil some more… sekali i stroke and mampus! that time, no lau char bor to “choy” you ah! Hahahahaha!!!

    Haiseh.. today again no chan to go kepoh buka puasa stalls… boss face like sai baked in the sun so black!!! Sigh… sure got a lot of last minute come and discuss crapshit…. Sigh… Bosses are from hell la!

  6. I wanted to comment on the chicken/dog MCA wan but then I saw so fast it became the second post liao, I thought very fast you’ll have new post already so mah didn’t write anything loh.

    Oh ya, I wrote chicken/dog because sometimes they are chicken (coward) like in the negarakuku’s issue; then sometimes they are like dogs when people ask them to bark they’ll just bark.

    Your definite, guaranteed commentor not Terence meh? Haha…

  7. freethinker – Yalor, everyone expects others to say and then, in the end, semua also kena silent.

    wendy – Hahaha, we kenot be sure they know what is blogs or not also lah. Well, unless they hire me to be the sniff dog, then, haaaaa…semua pun I can dig out. But their salary not attractitive enuff.

    wuching – I thot u busy with Camelia, not time for my blog mah.

    angie – Sakit kaki? So kesian.

    laocharbor – Wuah, so much to rant. Want to buy up the domain or not? Start your own blog? But I am not selling it unless for a high price lah. Hehehe.

  8. Dare not to say that much.. later when come back to Pg.. scared the ISA and POLICE put as most wanted blogger or maybe change my nationality from malaysian to * unknown*

    šŸ˜€ I love Penang.. but dare not talk so much only politics:D hehehe

  9. Got something I know or have opinion I mar comment lo, no point bull****ing when I don’t know anything mar…

    Blame my class also, till 6pm le, where got time visit you wor… šŸ˜†

  10. yeah i agree with David… i cant read your blog when i’m at work… cos its on IE

    but when i get home and use mozilla no problem…

  11. well, wanna tulis…. but suddenly too many things liao don’t know where to start. I wanna give comment about the General Auditor also. After making “Hoo Haa” around now suddenly diam diam don’t know what’s next. But scare later if I write more liao I will end up like Wee Chee Meng, no passport to travel šŸ™

  12. its like dat. everyone read blogs like read newspaper, read, say in the heart and flip(click to another url).

    But ah…i really busy wan. Nmhfulat my MAC no internet line. Havent buy the blardy airport ah ….wtf.

  13. Lilian ah.. where to buy? where to buy? I also want to start my own blog but duno how… so, I continue to choe goo choe beh for people lor… Pai miah!

  14. busyy lerghh..election is coming..
    anyway..have you solved your kontera issue with IE..? My blog just got badware warning in Google search result. 90% of daily visitors being wipe off..What a day!!.

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