Mondays are most welcome by people like me. It means the kids are back to school and I have the whole house to myself. Monday is also when my relative comes to my house to do housekeeping stuffs and my floor will be sparkling and my toilets shiny like Sami Bulu’s forehead.

Monday is also a day when I will plan my things to do for the rest of the week. What sort of things will I discover in the week ahead and how much more moolah will I make?

But let’s see what I have done over the weekend?

1) Discovery DealDotCom which is going to be released on September 18th and promises to help bloggers make money. It is not launched yet but I got the link to share with you guys. Go join DealDotCom, it is free and MAY help you make money. This link is available only to selected bloggers so better grab the invite from here. šŸ˜› (don’t believe everything I said)

2) I fire up 12Kmom dot com because sometimes, I wonder how much crap I wrote in a day. Now, with my own aggregator, I can go strangle myself when I see that I have written so much rubbish in a day. Mind you, rubbish here doesn’t mean spammy posts. They are good shits, really.

3) I have amassed RM5.6K on the first half of the month. Yeah, amassed is the word. This is not including those monthly payments that I will earn like TextLinkAds and LinkWorth;

4) I have found a kick-ass way that is SUPPOSED to increase my traffic. It comes in BlogRush. If you want to increase your blog traffic, try it. I have yet to see the results because it needs 48 hours to get it working.

5) I made it to the #25 position in the world 100 top make money blog.

6) And when I look at search results like this on MSN, I know God loves me.


Of course, I did many other things over the weekend. Like……

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  1. TGIM for you but, OMGIM for me. I was at SP this morning just to help my customer to install Streamyx modem instead of staying in Penang for the rest of my works to be followup. Some more come back dee still need to finishup my left over. Grrr….. I’m not going to sleep tonite. Still got a few more blogs to be completed.

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