‘Help LiewCF finds a girlfriend’ campaign


Ladies and gentlemen……………

the gentlemen handsome lengjai on the right with the stripe t-shirt is LiewCF. He is 27 years old, half Taiwanese half Malaysian and is Malaysia’s first full-time blogger. I estimate him to make a decent living, two folds more than me. So, that means he is rich. I think he must be at least 5′ 10″ tall (base on my 5′ 6″ tall + 3 inches heel and he is taller than me still). He lives in a small town in Johor.

Now, I want to start a campaign to help LiewCF finds a girlfriend. Because LiewCF has helped us with some blogging tips. So, now, I am doing a good deed in return. (and maybe I get a linkback from a PR6/10 lehhhh)

Every lengluis sekalian, anyone interested in dating LiewCF? Please contact him directly. LOL.

Every EFNTD mommy bloggers, please spread the word to your readers. We can try to be the tai kam phor mah. (and maybe get a linkback from PR6/10 lehhhhh)

Every single males – You want me to pimp you?
Eh, James, you want? (James is the guy on the left with blue shirt. Of course, the handsome lengjai in suit is KidChan and the lenglui in pink is me lah! Doh)

So, let’s start the ‘Help LiewCF finds a girlfriend’ campaign. Better than doing meme, wei. PR 6/10 worrrrr. Drools. (over the PR lah, not LiewCF)

BTW, I have met LiewCF twice already. Once in Penang and once in KL. He is the kind of guy your mom will approve of.

Added : Bloggers who are kepoh-ing –

1) shoppingmum

2) Organic Samm
(wei, both above are very kerng bloggers who make a lot of money blogging and subscribed to LiewCF blog, proof Liew’s skill very pahwerful lor)

28 thoughts on “‘Help LiewCF finds a girlfriend’ campaign

  1. I think we should have a more structured campaign. Here are my suggestions:

    1. Suggest a date and get free linkback from LiewCF
    2. Nomination and poll by bloggers to determine Who Will Win A Date with LiewCF
    3. Love Post to LiewCF (the most original and potential candidate will get to date LiewCF)

  2. samm – Hark sei ngor. LOL. Pimp fast fast. Ipoh mali girls cun wan wei. Your nieces leh? Got ah?

    hcfoo – Wuah, make like reality show hor? Those MTV style. Kahkahkah.

    I don’t know Liew reads this yet or not. Later I kena sue.

    azam – WHEN you are available AGAIN? Hahaha.

    david – I tell liew about it. Hahaha.

    lao char bor – I dunno wor. You below 27, virgin somemore can lah.

  3. Ah Liew and Ah James needs to have new hair cut and bingkai cermin moden. Packaging also important you know, dun just know how to config or make website ler…
    seriously…. i am not joking, some keng IT guys like these 2 nice fellas neglected their packaging..
    u know something like GQ mag write metro man ler…

  4. agnes – Yorrr…u so bad wannnnn. Hahaha, like this baru call decent guys mah….

    menj – Yeah, it will be interesting to follow LiewCF dating game online. LOL.

    cindy – Dunno wor, he wants leng-leng wan

    leah – Serious wan, he is looking for girlfriend. Apply within (his blog)

    MG – Maybe your readers leh?

    earl – You want me to pimp for you or not? 2K unique. International traffic, who knows you got some angmohs leh?

  5. hhaha..how can I imagine you can do this thing…hahahaha..so unpredictable..haiya..I should do the campaign earlier..so can get pr6 backlink…isk3…

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