11 thoughts on “Wordless

  1. shooix2 – Tricky question where got answer wan lah. You never tricky question your loukong wan meh? Answer what all also wrong. LOL

  2. about your cooking?
    about how to raise a healthy child?
    about coming election?
    about life as a blogger? (have u ever felt like people looking at you as 1 kind when you taking camera shooting around?)

  3. azam – Give me some secret cookies lah.

    wuching – Haiyor, that one is the colour of my map in Facebook. Gimmick for people to add me in Facebook mah.

    steven – I wrote too many posts, got burnt out. But they are not here, in my other blogs. It has been three days of blog marathon. The money is good though.

    angieT – Add me. LOL, I don’t know how to find people, only wait for ppl to find me.

    hcfoo – No, over-unblock, more like it.

    erina – Tenkiu

    alex – That’s the kind of answer I was looking for!

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